Madison, WI Uber driver’s racially ignorant harassment of a passenger

A resident and facebook friend in my home city of Madison just hours ago had a scrape with their rideshare driver. This friend is of mixed racial origin and the driver felt like commenting on this. Since it was a Sunday and there was no surge activity, this person had waited just over an HOUR for their Uber to arrive.  This person lives downtown well inside Uber’s preferred pickup area for Madison. Since this person had mentioned ‘cab’ and I regularly advise cab companies on complaints sent to our facebook…

New t-shirts and score card campaign coming SOON!

Ride Safe world is proud to introduce our first T-shirt design available NOW from TeeSpring (click on image if you would like to get your’s today): In the coming weeks we will begin our Score Card campaign. Available ONLY to all vetted and insured taxi/cab drivers through out the world will be a score card system just like the old WW2 bombers and fighter planes. Ride Safe World score cards will consist of Uber and lyft score cards available for each reported and successfully checked plate entered to our system.…

Anger, Depression, and Despair Sinks in thanks to Government/Uber Collaboration *video*

This video and the blurb attached came to us from , a rather refreshing, angry and rough around the edges blog maintained by a gentleman known as ‘Uncle Block’ in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Don’t let the Tucker Carlson Segment used in the beginning of this video fool you.  We assure you the poster was only using it for context and is not shilling for fox, news, Uber or their political supporters.  The video has good points.

From Daily Mail UK, London’s rideshare sexual assault nightmare

  Police figures show sex attacks involving Uber drivers up 50% in a year From February 2015 and February 2016, there were 32 claims made against firm’s drivers in London In the past 12 months to February 2017, that figure shot up to 48 alleged attacks  But Uber said such incidents are ‘incredibly rare’ and result in driver bannings   Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook