Douglas Schifter Memorial, A wake up call for humanity

Like so many others who have provided the service of transportation to the public with ethics, insurance and proper vetting as their career of choice in the US, Douglas Schifter watched his livelihood, his investment in community,  family and future slip away. Not because of some proactive or safe development in transportation technology but rather because we as a civilization have turned our backs on accountability and compassion. We have convinced ourselves that cheap fast ride and unaccountable services are far more important than the epidemic of crime, uninsured operations…

Chauffeur Driven features Ride Safe International

Chauffeur Driven featured Ride Safe in this recent article By MADELEINE MACCAR.   Ride Safe wold like the thank Chauffeur Driven and Madeleine Maccar for the much appreciated exposure.  Ride Safe is dedicated to safety, proper vetting and proper insurance in the commercial transportation industry and Chauffeur Driven represents the very best in the United States market providing Limo and taxi services.


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OPEN LETTER, to and Patrick Lohmann: Harassment and defamation of RSI & Chris O’connell by Patrick Lohmann’s article

Patrick Lohmann, and The Post Standard, For the hour-long plus conversation we had in the interview Patrick Lohmann did with me for your article I would have expected a slightly better article even portrayed as negatively as it was. What I mean by that, is that Patrick Lohmann did not even quote me properly. For starters Patrick Lohmann left out a large amount of important and pertinent information from our conversation. I asked Lohmann how exactly had he heard about Ride Safe. Patrick stated in our interview that he…