NY Mayor Bill de Blasio agrees with Ride Safe, calls for stricter regulation of Uber and other Rideshares

As we at ride safe have been telling everyone since 2014:

1- Rideshare drivers making under minimum wage will cause a perfect storm of corporate welfare and economic disaster for the general public.

2- A mass increase in sexual assaults and uninsured wrecks caused by rideshare drivers who ARE NOT properly background checked or insured would become a major issue for the general public.

3-Selective service by Rideshare companies would only limit service to customers who have more need than those in commercial areas and the disabled.

Now the mayor of New York finally agrees.

-Source: Spectrum News New York 1

most of these for-hire (rideshare) vehicle drivers are at sub minimum wage.

 -Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York

Mayor De Blasio pointed out a need for a cap on the number of vehicles in order to ensure a living wage for drivers and regulation of rideshares to address safety and discrimination issues.

Ride Safe would like to thank Mayor De Blasio for finally addressing these issues and identifying a need for reform.

There is a significant economic impact of 80,000 people making less than minimum wage, committing insurance fraud and running leased vehicles into the ground as commercial drivers in just ONE major city has on our economy??

Add in that all 80,000 of them are only SELECTIVELY serving their city.

Anyone stepping off Times square can jump on an Uber but try getting an Uber any faster than a yellow cab any of the RED areas on this map:



We wait for taxis longer because they serve EVERYONE.

We pay more for the ride in a Taxi because INSURANCE protects us and anyone our taxi may hit.

The driver also deserves to be making MORE than $6.00 an hour.

When you take a rideshare vehicle, you are literally telling everyone else in this world that YOUR luxury is worth more than:

-Another 10 sexual assaults this week
-Another uninsured wreck every four hours
-Another 12 deaths this year
-Another 11 kidnappings this year (in the US alone)
-Another 60 robberies (in the US alone)
-Another 100,000 drivers committing insurance fraud this year. *This causes the general public to experience insurance inflation.
-Another 40,000 drivers invalidating lease and warranty agreements
*This causes additional inflation for the general public in leasing and warranty inflation.
-Another 200,000+ individuals and Families in the rideshare AND TAXI industry who will lose their entire livelihood and no longer be able to \earn from commercial transportation ever again as they will be replaces by more rideshare drivers who will lose it all as well. (in the US alone)

THAT, is what your Uber and Lyft ride really costs.

How can anyone take a rideshare KNOWING that a human being WILL BE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED this week and thousands of people indentured into poverty as a direct result of that contribution?

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Editorial: ‘Japan Today’ author doesn’t know anything about Japan today.

A recent article in the English language online magazine ‘Japan Today’ reveals that neither the publication or the article’s author have an educated or respectable understanding of Japan itself.

Link: https://japantoday.com/category/national/airbnb-uber-woes-show-japan-does-not-share-easily

“This is partly due to confusion among the public about what the sharing economy is” -Quote Anne Beade, Japan Today

If you know the Japanese, you know they ARE NOT “confused” about this.


When a TOS specifies that your service doesn’t cover insurance for BODILY INJURY, THEFT or even BEING ASSAULTED BY YOUR DRIVER, you aren’t going to be finding many people interested in a population of people who average the highest IQ in the world.

The Japanese actually know how to read and understand that products and services require proper regulation and quality control.

Claiming that a population is ignorant or misguided simply because that population practices a careful consideration for community and safety is simply offensive and in itself, very ignorant.

To date, Uber, Lyft and AirBNB have cost the general public, their own service providers and their own customers, BILLIONS in uninsured damages, fraud, theft, assault, a general increase in unfair wage practices and a record increase in commercial transportation and rental property crimes.  This has lead to an inflation in the insurance market and a mounting economic fallout in countries where so-called ‘shared economy’ services operate with deadly levels of deregulation and an over all lack of oversight compared to their traditional rental and transportation counterparts.


The Japanese are being considerate of not only their community and culture but their very economic future.