Mission Statement:

Ride Safe (Ride Safe International INC.) 501c3 Non-Profit

Ride Safe is a non-profit organization that is in no way affiliated, represented by or otherwise involved with any commercial transportation business or group.

Ride Safe World is dedicated to transportation safety and transportation labor ethics.


Ride Safe is a non-profit, publicly funded international commercial transportation safety resource.

Due to the emergence of Rideshare (TNC) companies, transportation markets and the general public around the world have had to contend with uninsured rideshare accidents and a drastic inflation in assaults on customers by Rideshare drivers who are not vetted or properly trained in providing commercial transportation.

It is Ride Safe’s goal to improve the operations of both Rideshare and Taxi companies through out the world.

Services we provide:

-Reporting and tracking of Rideshare and Taxi plate numbers who may be committing fraud due to recent loopholes in city, state, province and national laws created for ridesahre services such as Uber and Lyft.

-Training and education for vetted and insured Taxi companies in order to effectively deal with uninsured and fraudulent Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft.

-Education and outreach for education in National, State/Provincial and city governments to end loopholes in Rideshare and commercial transit laws which allow uninsured drivers without proper background checks to operate.

-Representation and aid for victims of uninsured rideshare wrecks and driver assaults.

-Presentation and training seminars for all vetted and insured commercial transportation providers who are dealing with uninsured and fraudulent commercial carriers such as Uber and Lyft.

-Angel rides for medical, emergency and special needs services.

-Safe Ride services to offer rides to those who may have become to intoxicated without funds and need a safe ride home.

-Product and IT service development to make commercial transportation services safer around the globe.


Ride Safe International INC

374 Raven Ln

Madison, WI 53704

501c3 Non-Profit

EIN# 82-4180606






Why do you log and publish the plate numbers of rideshare vehicles?

We document and report ALL TNC vehicles whether they are Insured/vetted by local law or not.

TNC (rideshare) laws in the majority of countries, cities and states who allow them DO NOT properly require private vehicles being operated as TNCs to report commercial use to local governments, insurance companies, warranty companies, lease providers or future buyers who may purchase these vehicles.

This creates a severe and damaging effect not only for transportation safety with respect to the general public but also for the economy in each area where TNCs are allowed to operate dangerously unregulated.

We share these records with auto dealers, finance & insurance companies and law enforcement agencies in order to protect the general public and provide a means of compliance where TNC companies have been allowed to circumvent compliance to the safety and stability of the general public.

Vehicles not made specifically for Commercial Use such as public transport depreciate at about 10% a month, compared to 10% a year for that same vehicle being operated for personal use.

This makes the resale of a TNC vehicle without proper reporting of it’s commercial use to any future buyers, the vehicle’s VIN# and local motor vehicle records a clear form of FRAUD.

As TNC/Rideshare companies grow and expand, the market is and will become more flooded with EX-TNC vehicles that have not been properly identified as so.  This is a dangerous and economically destructive means of fraud that TNC companies have no right to force upon the general public.


Is what you are doing LEGAL?



TNC/ridesahre companies, (like many “gig” economy businesses) operate as confidence scams (AKA Confidence Tricks) and pyramid schemes.

Because these types of scams rely on commercial deregulations and the switching of liability between the customer, the person providing the service and the company, it is impossible for the company (in this case the TNC company) to legitimize or litigate against the exposure of their fraudulent activities.

Neither Uber or Lyft have ever legally confronted Ride Safe World or any other source that has exposed the fraud being committed by TNC/Rideshare companies and their drivers.

It is impossible for a company committing fraud to oppose any person or group exposing that fraud.

Especially when the fraud committed by TNC/Rideshare companies has and continues to promote a record breaking number of thefts, assaults, rapes, murders, uninsured wrecks and harassment committed by rideshare drivers compared to that of vetted and insured Taxi/Cab companies and their drivers through out the world.

What Ride Safe World is doing is not just legal, it is a responsible duty to the general public.

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