Another neurotic Uber driver *VIDEO*

This kind of driving is typical of many rideshare drivers spotted during busy night time hours.

In just FIVE minuets of traveling through one downtown area, we spotted this Uber driver stopping and driving dangerously slow in heavy traffic.  TWICE he stopped at intersections blocking active traffic and not once did he use his hazard lights to indicated the hazards he was illegally creating.  When we were finally able to get around his vehicle, we found him immersed in his phone screen, trying to understand where he was supposed to stop to pick up passengers.

When he finally did load his passengers he then pulled an illegal u-turn.

The driver is an elderly white male and the Vehicle (a Honda CRV) has no commercial listing on it’s carfax report.

The vehicle and it’s plate number, ‘GD ANGEL’ have both been added to our database for public notification and for any future buyers the owner may try to defraud by not properly informing them of commercial use of the vehicle.