Another Uber driver sexually assaults a passenger in Ride Safe’s home city

Since Uber and lyft began operations in Madison, WI in 2014 drivers operating for the companies have committed three assaults on customers, only one of which was NOT sexual in nature.

The local Taxi and Bus company drivers operating in Madison have committed 0 assaults on customers and 0 uninsured wrecks in that same time.

This week another sexual assault has been added to the number committed by Uber and Lyft drivers in Madison.

Ride Safe has not yet determined if the suspect’s vehicle had been reported to our database as the vehicle description and plate number have not been as yet released to the public.

Ride Safe continues to maintain a public plate check service for all visitors to this website to notify of their vehicle’s safety and vetting status.

188 Vehicles found operating in Madison for Uber and Lyft have been reported to Ride Safe.

Currently NONE of the Uber and Lyft vehicles reported have proper insurance or vetting to transport passengers for hire.

Ride Safe discovered in 2016 that Uber was allowing drivers to register with falsified documents.

Ride safe has pleaded with city State and national legislators since 2014 to do something about this epidemic of uninsured wrecks and assaults caused by Uber and Lyft drivers.



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