Another Uber terrorist attack, will law makers or the media EVER listen?

By Gerald Cassidy & Justin La Plante


Donald Trump now blames the NYC attack on Barack Obama even though ending Obama era immigration policies would not change the circumstances that allowed Sayfullo Saipov to commit the attack.


Sayfullo Saipov was the Uber driver who committed the attack on Thursday October 26th.

What has been confirmed thus far:

  • 8 people were killed in the attack.
  • A note found in Saipov’s rented Home Depot truck said the attack was carried out in the name of ISIS. Witnesses say Saipov shouted “Allahu Akbar” after emerging from the vehicle, carrying what turned out to be a pellet gun and a paintball gun.
  • Saipov did over 1400 rides as an Uber driver.
  • Though Donald Trump asked for “more vetting” from the Department of Homeland Security after the incident, he was referring to immigration vetting and made no comment or request of any agency concerning the fact that Saipov had been allowed to drive for Uber with no insurance or an actual background check.

  • Saipov was allowed to operate for Uber in New York and New Jersey with a FLORIDA drivers license.
  • Though Uber confirmed that Saipov was one of their drivers, the company has not suspended operations or made any effort to change or modify it’s policies to prevent future incidents.

  • Sayfullo Saipov drove for Lyft as well as Uber.



At this point there have now been THREE major Terrorist attacks committed by Uber drivers in THREE different cities over TWO different countries in the last two years.


-The Kalamazoo shooter 2016 – 6 victims

-The London bridge attacker 2016 –  Captured with a sword threatening the public directly outside Buckingham palace

-The New York attacker 2017 – 8 victims


The Kalamazoo shooter asked one of his victims to donate a dollar in order to “make America great again”.


It has been well documented that the Trump administration favors the business dealings of companies like Uber and Lyft despite obvious issues with their insurance and background checking.

Uber’s own CEO Travis Kalanick was part of Donald Trump’s business advisory council and only quit the council because of protests from the public.

Amid legislation aimed at ending gay marriage and abortion rights when he was governor of Indiana before becoming vice president, Mike Pence passed sweeping deregulations in the state of Indiana allowing Uber and Lyft to operate state wide without valid background checks on drivers or actual insurance coverage for customers.  

The law that Pence passed in Indiana is a carbon copy of legislation previously enacted in each of the US states that currently allow Rideshare companies to operate state wide.


It is no secret that if you happen to be a person who wants access to any given area of a city, you just throw an Uber or Lyft sticker on your front window and police assume without even checking your ID that you can be there.

New years eve is in 9 weeks.


While Ride safe has been pleading with state and national law makers for over FOUR YEARS to demand that Uber and Lyft drivers be required to have at least HALF the vetting and insurance liability of Taxis, not a single law maker has proposed or promoted an actual solution.

Mainstream media refuses to identify the problem.


NONE of this would have happened or would ever happen again if legislators passed four simple mandates for ride share drivers and four simple mandates for rideshare companies at the state and/or national level.


For rideshare drivers:

-Mandate that each rideshare driver Contact and provide proof of contact with their own insurance provider, lease provider, warranty provider and service provider that their vehicle is being used commercially (like any Taxi driver is expected to).

-Mandate that each rideshare driver Properly inform the department of transportation, department of motor vehicles and/or other regulatory authority for motor vehicles in their own country, state and province, that they are using their vehicle commercially (Like any taxi driver is expected to).

-Mandate that each rideshare driver Provide PROOF posted for the customers in their vehicle that they have their own proper insurance to provide commercial transportation and a photo ID indicating that they are the actual person authorized to operate the vehicle (like any taxi driver is expected to).

-Mandate that each rideshare driver Receive at least a half hour of training and drive testing with a live human being who has assessed their ability, temper and capability when driving (Taxi drivers are typically mandated to receive at least FOUR hours of training in most states).

For rideshare companies:

-Mandate that ALL vehicles and the ID of all drivers be on hand for immediate law enforcement compliance from a LIVE person over the phone (just like with any taxi company).

-Mandate that ALL rideshare vehicles carry an individually specifically numbered visible sticker or window tag on the front and rear of each vehicle AT ALL TIMES (just like with any taxi company).

-Mandate that a LIVE monitor and customer compliance agent be available for customers, complaints AND public reports and complaints at ALL TIMES (just like with any taxi company).

-Mandate that each company maintain insurance, vetting and vehicle inspection update reports on each vehicle and driver at least once a month (less than HALF of what Taxi companies are mandated to do).


These are hardly HALF of the insurance and vetting mandates that Taxi companies operate under for the company and the driver but they would prevent further incidents and uninsured wrecks from occurring with rideshare companies and their drivers.


Ride Safe is the ONLY organization in the world currently maintaining a record of rideshare plates and open records checks on rideshare vehicles.

But there are only THREE cities through out the world where our plate report system has covered enough of the ride share drivers to maintain, report and only slightly aid in the prevention of uninsured wrecks and assaults.

Because government will not do it’s job in protecting the public, we must expand our network to include and protect more cities.

Because Ride Safe is non-profit and because we also monitor and report on ALL other forms of commercial transportation INCLUDING Taxis, we must remain impartial and monitor ALL equally.

To do this we need support in donations and volunteers.

Donate to Ride Safe

To volunteer and help build our network, join Ride Safe and contact our admins.


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