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Another Uber driver sexually assaults a passenger in Ride Safe’s home city

Since Uber and lyft began operations in Madison, WI in 2014 drivers operating for the companies have committed three assaults on customers, only one of which was NOT sexual in nature. The local Taxi and Bus company drivers operating in Madison have committed 0 assaults on customers and 0 uninsured […]

LIVE Ride Safe fraudulent Uber & Lyft plate capture Day *Results* VIDEO of Uber & Lyft driver breaking basic traffic laws

Ride Safe was LIVE capturing Uber and Lyft plates and running open record checks in New York State, Green bay Wisconsin, Madison Wisconsin and Townsville, QLD, Australia on Sunday November 19th 2017. Part 1 Watch NOW. Part 2 Watch NOW. RIDE SAFE LIVE Rideshare (Uber/Lyft) plate captures 11-19-2017 Daily goal […]

Wisconsin Eye Reports on Press conference at the state capital concerning rideshares and proposed legislation

Ride Safe World would like to thank and congratulate Wisconsin Eye for being the ONE AND ONLY media outlet to properly cover and report on Thursday’s press conference at the capital. Full Video: Rather than make a convoluted and vague series of nonsensical arguments about the facts presented or the issues […]

Open letter to 89.9FM WORT Madison, you have turned your back on Madison and owe this community a retraction

Unsurprisingly the two major news outlets in Madison white washed evidence we had presented at the capital news conference today (8-24-2017).   ABC:   NBC:     They shredded the evidence and told the story Uber wanted them to tell in order to make the facts […]

WKOW ABC Channel 27 (ABC affiliate) in Madison covers a small portion of Ride Safe’s presentation on sex offenders operating for Uber and lyft.

Nick Buffo covered today’s (8/24/2017) press conference at the Wisconsin state capital.    Though the ABC affiliate did a slightly better job of reporting on the subject than their NBC counterpart, they ignored the evidence presented in favor of a speculative offering of the events. Much Like NBC 15’s Saira […]

Statement concerning NBC 15’s (Madison NBC affiliate) treatment of news pertaining to the number of sex offenders currently found driving in Madison WI for Uber and Lyft

Statement concerning NBC 15’s treatment of news pertaining to the number of sex offenders currently found driving in Madison WI for Uber and Lyft Today (8-24-2017) presented evidence at the Wisconsin state capital during a press conference covored by NBC15.…/ This evidence concludes without a doubt that convicted sex offenders […]