Check your Rideshare or Taxi’s plate

Currently only for residents of:  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Syracuse, NY, USA, Townsville, QLD, Australia, Madison, WI, USA, Green Bay, WI, USA, Dover, DE, USA and Portland, OR, USA

Use our search bar indicated by this icon :



located at the top of the screen if you are on a smart phone or

on the right hand side of the screen if you are on a tablet, laptop or home computer.

In the search bar, enter the plate number of a rideshare or Taxi vehicle.

No spaces, slashes or commas.

Keep all letters in ALL CAPS.


If the vehicle appears in our system, it has been checked with open records for insurance and proper vetting.

If the vehicle DOES NOT have proper insurance or the vehicle is owned by a person with a dangerous criminal record, you will be taken to our warning page.

If the vehicle is properly insured and vetted for commercial transportation, you will be given an ‘ALL CLEAR’notification.


If the vehicle DOES NOT appear in our system, it means it HAS NOT been verified or checked.  Many vehicles may or may not appear in our system.

If the vehicle DOES NOT appear in our system and is operating with a service that does not use a LIVE dispatch monitoring the ride, it is more likely to not be an insured or vetted vehicle for commercial transportation.



If the vehicle is not safe, we advise that you do not approach or enter the vehicle!

Cancel the ride either by calling the office of the service you requested or canceling the trip from an app if the trip was ordered by app..

*No Rideshare or Taxi company has the legal right to charge you for cancelling a ride that is clearly unsafe.*