ENOUGH!!, Governments and Public around the world now cracking down on an epidemic of rideshare crime

This month saw massive regulatory changes and public outcry in direct response to a now overwhelming epidemic of fraud and crime committed by Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft and their drivers.


New York cracks down on unfair wages and over saturation

In an unheard of response to traffic congestion, over saturation and low wage issues with Uber and Lyft drivers in New York city, officials are now scrambling to cap the number of Uber and Lyft vehicles on the road.

It was 1937 when New York first issued medallions for the taxi industry.

It was because of the exact same issue of unfair wages and over saturation of the market that spurred cities like New York and London over 80 years ago to institute fleet caps and medallion systems.


China’s Boycott of DIDI after yet another murder 

Though the Chinese rideshare company Didi has not come close to the number of customer assaults or fraud as their Uber and Lyft counterparts, the public in China has staged a massive boycott of the company after a Didi driver murdered his passenger.


Japan holds firm to rideshare ban

Japan has remained dedicated to safe transportation as a social responsibility.  As a result their commercial transportation market remains free of the issues that now plague countries where rideshares have taken hold.

In a recent bid by rideshare companies Didi and Uber, the prospects were grim that Japan would ever deregulate safety in their transportation market to allow rideshares.


Australia asks the 49 BILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!

Also unheard of are media, outlets and governments asking the simple question.

WHY are rideshares unable to provide statistics or safety numbers on their own drivers?

A new article by CHELSEA MCLAUGHLIN not only asks this question but on a rare occasion, Uber actually answered it by stating they would not answer it.

The United States
In the last month the number of incidents reported to Ride Safe has increased significantly.
The number of falsified Uber drivers, assaults, theft and traffic violations reported with Uber and Lyft drivers is now higher than at ANY time with the collective Taxi industry in north America since it’s conception.

This vehicle has no notification on it’s Carfax that it is being used commercially.


This vehicle has no commercial notification on it’s Carfax or registration.

The handycapped service sticker on the back is falsified as this vehicle can not provide full wheel chair service under ADA statutes.


The vehicle featured in this video has been reported FOUR times to Uber over a span of six months after the driver was spotted multiple times committing traffic violations and nearly running over a pedestrian.

This vehicle also has no commercial notification on it’s Carfax or registration.


The Uber AND Lyft driver in the feature image for this article was arguing with police in New Jersey.

That vehicle also has no commercial notification on it’s Carfax or registration.



Images curtesy of Robert VanMeter III and Carletta VanMeter


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