Erie’s so-called “Rideshare Insurance” fails to validate comprehensive coverage *video*

Erie insurance is the company that the Rideshare Professor Torston Kunert promotes on his youtube channel.  

Kunert is of course one of the three rideshare vlogers who attempted to threaten me with a falsified lawsuit in April.

Erie is one of a handful of auto insurance providers that offer what they call “rideshare” coverage.

Ride Safe has found that rideshare insurance policies either do not cover customers in the vehicle or simply provide no added coverage atall while leaving the passengers and their drivers to Uber and Lyft’s fraudulent insurance and liability terms.

Erie insurance was the final insurance company that Ride Safe had not yet audited for safety and comprehensive coverage.

Thus far every other auto insurance provider we had reviewed failed to provide accurate data or substantiate that their polices would actually provide comprehensive coverage to meet the liability gaps and issues presented by fraudulent terms of the Uber and Lyft contracting and insurance practices.

TODAY Ride Safe finally had an interview with Jim Moeckler, an Eire insurance agent and driver with the Uber and Lyft platforms in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Moeckler was able to educate us very clearly on the policy that Erie insurance offers rideshare drivers.

Moeckler not only indicated that Eire’s rideshare insurance is not comprehensive in it’s range or coverage to provide for commercial transportation but it leaves the driver back in the same fraudulent situation with Uber and Lyft’s policies.

This is something we have found with every one of the so-called “rideshare” auto insurance policies currently being offered.


It is bad enough that Uber and Lyft commit insurance fraud for a profit.  Now insurance companies are taking advantage of the suffering caused just to sell a useless product.