Justin La Plante

Justin La Plante – Madison, Wisconsin , USA

Chief Administrator-


The La Plantes are a well known the world over for their skill as merchants, artists and harboring an over all contempt for those who harm the innocent and those who seek profit through fraud and suffering.

Justin is also the great grandson of Felix Alderton, a well known pioneer and defender of the community in Upper Wisconsin.

During High School Justin worked as an audio tech with backstreet studios.  After high school, he moved to Madison, Wisconsin and studied at the UW WYOU Public television learning annex from 1998 to 2002 in broadcasting, post production and communications.  During that time he directed and produced several of the shows on WYOU.

In 2003 La Plante was hired as the technical director for World Music Productions Incorporated and managed world tours of musical groups for the company between 2003 and 2006.

In 2005 Justin won a defamation lawsuit against former internet child pornographer, spam marketer and internet domain scammer Brian Cartmell

Through an entire year of litigation against Cartmell, La Plante represented himself and performed all of the legal work for his own case.

Since that time, La Plante has dedicated himself to combatting confidence scams and those who profit from fraud and suffering.

From 2005 to 2013 La Plante advocated against the confidence scams Storesonline and MCA (Motor Club of America) on behalf of numerous customers and partners they had taken advantage of as well as combatting model exploitation scams operated by several mainstream and “alt-porn” websites.

La Plante spent three years working as a cab driver for green cab of Madison from 2013 to 2015.  This eventually put him on a collision course with Uber and Lyft.

In early 2014 La Plante began advocating for taxi companies and the victims of rideshare companies.   In 2015 La Plante quit the taxi industry to focus on ending the fraud and suffering caused by fraudulent rideshare companies and other “gig” economy scams.

In October of 2014 La Plante Won a court case against Uber over falsified documents Uber managers in Madison, WI had submitted to the courts.

Since that time Uber has not dared to challenge La Plante or Ride Safe again as they are now legally incapable of doing so.


It is La Plante’s goal not just to eliminate rideshare and “gig” fraud from the market but also to enhance and evolve the taxi industry into a more productive and modern system of commercial transportation above and beyond the promises of the “gig” economy.


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Email: colitisscope@gmail.com

Google Handle “Anthony Zelot”