Madison Uber driver claims Uber advised him to defraud his insurance and customers (video).

Full Video: Uber driver defrauds insurance and customers.

Meet Mark Grassman of Stoughton, WI. Like so many other Uber drivers and customers who have recently called our support line, he did not read any of the content on our web pages, facebook pages or any disclaimers on our ‘Uber of madison’ Facebook page. These disclaimers and the obvious content of our facebook and web pages state clearly that we are in no way involved with uber Technologies and we advise strongly against the use of these services for clear insurance and safety issues.

But for some reason mark assumed we were somehow involved with Uber and would help him with his issue of customer ratings that he feels were unfair.

Mark operates his mercedes in Madison, WI for Uber and does so while clearly defrauding his own insurance provider and customers by not properly reporting to his insurance provider that he is using the vehicle for for hire use as an Uber driver.

Because of Uber’s shady contracting terms, a driver who lies to their own insurance provider will not be covered by Uber if a wreck occurs. In many cases Uber’s insurance has failed to deliver even when the driver is not at fault and has properly informed their own insurance provider.

But as you can hear from the video, mark has no concern to the safety of passengers or the general public outside of his vehicle while he drives. He just wants better ratings from customers.

Mark claims that Madison Uber representatives advised him NOT to inform his own insurance provider.

Like them or not, Taxi cabs carry real insurance that you never have to worry about not being there if your driver happens to mangle you in a wreck.

With Uber,it took a year long lawsuit just for the company to pay out in the case of a six year old child that one of their drivers killed.

We have since made sure to inform Mark’s insurance provider and carfax of the vehicle’s use as a commercial provider.

When you drive human beings around for money, you should have insurance to protect those people. Anything less, is entirely criminal. Simple as that,

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