Madison, WI Rideshare sting *LIVE UPDATES*

RIDE SAFE Madison, WI sting operation of illegal/uninsured Rideshare operations and taxi operations 3-23 to 2-35 2018

On Sunday March 25th we concluded the sting operation at 2:30am with AMAZING results. 

Exposing that EVERY SINGLE Uber and Lyft driver recorded in the city of Madison that week end was either uninsured to operate, accepting ILLEGAL street side cash hails and/or committing dangerous traffic violations regularly through out the night.  The video and audio records of the evening will be available Saturday, the 31st of march.  Only TWO taxis committed traffic violations the entire week end.



On the week end of Friday (the 23rd) and Saturday (the 24th) Ride Safe will be conducting a sting operation in Madison Wisconsin to monitor and report uninsured Uber and Lyft vehicles and traffic vilations by Uber, Lyft and Taxis in the downtown Madison area.

We will also be conducting a search for Doteh Mensah, an Uber driver who assaulted a customer in November while driving on the Uber platform.

It has been reported that since he was release on bail,  Mensah may be using a falsified account to continue driving for Uber or a Lyft account to drive on the Lyft platform.

Doteh Mensah – Uber driver who attacked a passenger in late November 2017. Mensah is currently under court order to NOT work as a rideshare driver for Uber or Lyft. Mensah may currently be using a falsified account to drive rideshare in the Madison area.

Due to the recent and dramatic increase in assaults on customers, uninsured wrecks and traffic violations caused by Rideshare drivers through out the US since 2014 it is now necessary to as regularly as possible, monitor the operations of Rideshare (Uber & Lyft) drivers and check public records reports on rideshare plates.

Current state law in Wisconsin does not properly address or mandate proper insurance or background check requirements for rideshare companies.

Likewise, the current state laws tie the hands of law enforcement in each municipality to properly protect the public from fraudulent rideshare operations or felon rideshare drivers operating vehicles as commercial transportation to the general public.

Ride Safe was founded for the purpose of establishing better safety standards that have been eliminated by Rideshare/TNC legislation and supply local law enforcement with a means to at least address violations of the state’s rideshare law and basic traffic violations committed by Rideshare drivers BEFORE these drivers can commit more illicit or deadly acts.

Rideshare drivers recorded committing traffic violations, operating with criminal records and accepting illegal cash hails CAN be addressed and ticketed by municipal authorities.

Ride Safe will record and make available these records from this week ends sting operations to Madison police and Sheriff’s departments.

Rideshare drivers recorded accepting illegal cash/curb hails can be immediately ticketed as this is classified as an ILLEGAL TAXI OPERATION under the current state law for rideshares.


Ride Safe will have TWO individuals in plain clothes recording rideshare and taxi operations in and around around the N, Francis, state street and university avenue areas of Madison starting at midnight on Friday the 23rd.

Members of the media and press from local affiliate stations, news paper and radio may also be present through out this sting operation to monitor Ride Safe.

Schedule for sting operation:

Friday March 23rd Midnight to 2:30am

Staging for this operation will take place for 15 minuets at Midnight at the plaza on the corner of W. Mifflin and state street outside 30 W Mifflin. There we will debrief any media and law enforcement representatives who wish to attend.

– 12:30am to 2:30am Standard observation and recording of Rideshare and taxi operations in and around N. Francis, University ave, Lake St, Langdon st, state st, johnson st, main st, doty st and the capitol square. We can also bring TWO individuals along for the driving portion at the beginning of the operation while we set up our recording locations in each of the areas.

Ride Safe will be making no contact and seeking no contact with rideshare drivers during this portion of the investigation.

We will only be recording traffic violations and plates to check against public records for criminal records and uninsured operations.

If a serious traffic violation is occurring like the incidents we recorded on the evening of 3-9-2018, we will signal any available law enforcement officers and direct them to the vehicle’s in question.

Recording from incident on 3-9-2018:

This kind of driving is now a REGULAR occurrence with Rideshare drivers in the Madison area.


Saturday march 24th– 6pm to 2:30am Sunday march 25th

-6pm to 9pm Ride Safe will conduct cash hail stings on Rideshare/TNC drivers at this time. *There will be no Briefing before this operaiton*-

A representative from ride safe will approach resting rideshare/tnc vehicles, request if the driver is in fact working for a rideshare/tnc company and to see their app screen to confirm this.

The ride safe representative will then request a long range trip for cash claiming that their own cell phone is out of power or broken.

If the rideshare/tnc driver accepts the hail for cash, this is a violation of state law and an illegal form of taxi operations under Madison’s municipal code.

The ride safe representative will then be signaled by another ride safe representative listening on an open short range radio channel that another ride has been found and the first ride safe representative will cancel the illegal hail request with the rideshare/tnc driver.

Video and audio recording of these interactions will be rolling the entire time.

At no time will Ride Safe representatives lie if directly asked about the veracity of these ride requests or represent ourselves as law enforcement.

After there interactions have been concluded we can report the plate number and vehicle descriptions to any near by police representatives or later by calling in to non-emergency.


-10pm to 2:30am Sunday the 25th

*breifing will be RSVP ONLY*

Ride Safe will continue recorded observation and cash hail requests in the N. Francis and State St areas.

All recordings and a full report will be made available on on Thursday the 29th.

Raw files can be made available instantly to all legitimate and properly identified parties requesting them before then.

The statistical models for Rideshare operations at the current frequency of incidents caused by rideshare drivers show that Madison residents will suffer:

-Another FOUR more assaults and/or reported predatory behavior by rideshare drivers before the end of 2018.

-SIX more uninsured accidents in Madison and the surrounding areas caused by Rideshare drivers (most go unreported) before the end of 2018.


To date the insured and vetted taxi companies of Wisconsin have generated not even HALF the number of incidents in the last TWENTY YEARS that Rideshare companies have generated in the state in just the last TREE years.


It is Ride Safe’s intention to limit or otherwise END this pandemic before it continues any longer.





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