New t-shirts and score card campaign coming SOON!

Ride Safe world is proud to introduce our first T-shirt design available NOW from TeeSpring (click on image if you would like to get your’s today):

In the coming weeks we will begin our Score Card campaign.

Available ONLY to all vetted and insured taxi/cab drivers through out the world will be a score card system just like the old WW2 bombers and fighter planes.

Ride Safe World score cards will consist of Uber and lyft score cards available for each reported and successfully checked plate entered to our system.

Uber single hit score card

Already we have drivers who have successfully reported over 150 Uber and Lyft vehicles found to be operating without proper insurance.

For larger numbers of hits, we offer x-10 and x-100 score cards.







To earn your score cards you must become a member and begin reporting rideshare vehicles to our reporting system.


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