Open letter to 89.9FM WORT Madison, you have turned your back on Madison and owe this community a retraction

Unsurprisingly the two major news outlets in Madison white washed evidence we had presented at the capital news conference today (8-24-2017).
They shredded the evidence and told the story Uber wanted them to tell in order to make the facts obscure and speculative.  Allowing Uber to continue to profit from endangering the general public and destroying labor ethics through out the state.
THREE CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS are driving for Uber and Lyft in the state capital right now.  NONE of the rideshare drivers found operating in Madison that have been reported to Ride Safe have actual insurance coverage from their own providers OR the rideshares they work for.
These facts were detailed in the Ride Safe report delivered to Wisconsin legislators today and referenced in our statements at today’s press conference:
Ride Safe Report:
These are the facts that NBC and ABC decided to skip over today.
NBC and ABC turned the evidence presented into anecdotes and instead of warning the public of the danger, they wrote a love letter to America’s biggest confidence scam.
THEN, to our horror, our home town public radio station WORT did the exact same exact thing:
Just last year we were on WORT reporting on Tony Castaneda’s morning show, exposing how we were able to sign up an Uber driver with fake documents:
So after NBC and ABC affiliates in Madison did the dirty work of white washing the facts and lying to the public for Uber, WORT’s NINA KRAVINSKY goes and does the exact same thing but ups the ante by PUTTING A COMMERCIAL FOR UBER at the end of her segment.
The vetted cab drivers of this city lay down their lives and pay out of pocket for proper insurance and background checks to protect THIS COMMUNITY.
I volunteer at local food pantries where I now see my former co-workers having to come in, some with families because convicted sex offenders driving with Uber put them out of a job.
The number of annual incidents with ridehare drivers assaulting customers and causing uninsured wrecks is now at a record in the state of Wisconsin FAR BEYOND anything vetted taxi/cab companies in this state have ever been able to reach since the invention of taxi services in Wisconsin.
If WORT refuses to do the job of helping protect and properly inform the public they claim to represent and serve then why should that public support WORT?
I represent taxi drivers and transportation safety in this community.
I can assure WORT that I am not alone in being owed a retraction and a proper reporting of the events at the state capital from earlier today.
NINA KRAVINSKY and WORT have done a disgusting disservice to Madison and the state of Wisconsin.
When big box media outlets let the community down as they typically do, we expected WORT to be there and be more responsible.
Justin La Plante
Administrator, Ride Safe
Ride Safe will be pulling it’s involvement in the promotion of ANY future fund raising drives for WORT.

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