Opinion- “Rideshare Mayor” Ed Lee dies

Mayor Edwin M. Lee of San Francisco died suddenly today of as yet undisclosed causes.

Ed Lee was one of the people in government most responsible for the existence of Uber and Lyft and one of the very few Democrats who actually supported the system of slave labor, uninsured drivers and zero vetting or background checking on drivers created by Uber and Lyft.

Does that level of negligence and pandering over shadow all the good he did in office?

He housed and fed thousands of homeless and gave a safe port to those seeking American citizenship.

It just took hundreds of sexual assaults and thousands of uninsured wrecks.

In this case the balance is just not there. If he had been curing all cancer or MAYBE making sure that Uber or Lyft had proper insurance and background checks on drivers BEFORE unleashing them on the streets of San Francisco, Sophia Liu would still be alive today.

Sophia Liu, Killed in San Francisco by an Uber driver who would have failed a background check with any of the Taxi companies in the city. But Uber had no problem putting him on the streets with a previous dangerous driving conviction on his record.

The six assaults from this month and last would never have happened.

Hundreds of Women would never have been assaulted.

Thousands of uninsured wrecks would never have happened.

43 people would not be dead.


These are people’s lives, not just a bowl of soup or a roof over someone’s head but HUMAN LIVES that get entirely destroyed and forever altered.

Ed Lee promised the people of San Francisco that Uber and Lyft would be “safe” and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Instead it has taken more than it has ever provided and knowing that this would be the end result was no mystery from day one.

He did it to be popular and continued to support it with no regard for the public.

It spread to other cities faster as a result. Then other states, then other countries.

It is now the worlds largest confidence scam.

Claiming lives and spreading, suffering while we are all that much more backward and malicious as a result.

This was Ed Lee’s ultimate contribution to civilization.


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-Justin La Plante Administrator, Ride Safe