Petition to London TFL, KEEP the Uber ban *Sign, Share and LIKE*


Yesterday London’s TFL denied Uber their license renewal, returning safety to commercial transit in London once again.

Uber of course has prepared and motivated millions of dollars in lobbying and bribe money in an attempt to repeal the TFL’s decision before this ban goes into effect.

This is YOUR chance to send a message that money does not “trump” the will of the people or their right to safety on the streets.

PLEASE sign, like and share this petition.

Petition link: petition to stop Uber from being licensed again in London.

Unlike Uber’s petition this one ALSO has not been loaded with fake signatures.


Call for public inquiry into TFL’s involvement with Uber (please share)


Check in with London Taxi Radio


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Your donations maintain an International effort against Rideshare (Uber/Lyft) fraud and establish a community among all vetted commercial carriers that protects drivers, customers and the general public.


We would like to thank London Taxi Radio for having us on and keeping Lononders informed and safe.

Ride Safe on London Taxi Radio


All donations are used ONLY for non-profit operations of Ride Safe, Petition organization, Consultation, Activism and charity for the good of the public and all vetted commercial carriers.

All information provided by your donation is kept confidential and WILL NOT be used or exploited in any way, shape or form.


You can sign this petition if you are not a resident of London or even the UK.

The petition system separates and groups those who sign based on location so those who receive the petition know what city and country those who sign are from.
So you can sign if you are a Londoner who wants the TFL ban upheld, if you are a resident of ANY UK territory who wants the ban expanded to ALL the UK or a resident anywhere else in the world who wishes to encourage the UK to protect it’s citizens from rideshare fraud.
Unlike Uberv OUR PETITION is not loaded with FAKE signatures stolen from customers.
ALSO unlike Uber, All signature data is protected and shared only with representatives who are not allowed to use or exploit the information you submit.

Ride Safe TFL Ban video 9-24-2017


TFL Ban of Uber in London from Justin La Plante on Vimeo.


A very good point made by Tim Roache of the GMB


9-23-2017 / Uber found loading their petition with fake signatures stolen from ACTUAL Uber customers.

So far Ride Safe has found TWO instances of Uber pilfering their own customer’s data in order to load the petition reverse the TFL’s ruling.


MORE fake signatures found on the Uber petition with

MORE evidence of false signatures on Uber petition and Uber’s fraudulent claims about drivers and customers.

Uber Fake petition BUSTTED *Zelo Street*




So more rapes, uninsured wrecks and assaults on customers by Uber drivers in ONE year than anything UK Black Cab drivers have done in over FIVE YEARS is that meaningless to Boy George?



And to top it off Boy George was lying the entire time.



Vetted, SAFE and INSURED choices for the UK:

Gett UK:



London Black cabs:






9-22-2017 / Uber cries a river and lies an ocean over TFL Ban:


In a recent memo from Uber’s top brass in Europe, we find yet another long stream of special pleading and straw man arguments entwined with pure bunkum.


NOWHERE in this message do we see FACTS or ANY sort of explanation for the numerous rapes and assaults committed by Uber drivers in London which lead to this ban.  Just a very poorly constructed argument for drivers who clearly have other forms of employment since even Uber’s poorly contrived research can not even account for 3% of their drivers having ever been unemployed before driving with Uber.  Of that 3% and including the rest Uber can not properly account or report that the drivers are even making a living wage doing it.





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