Ride Safe at WATO (Wisconsin Association of Taxicab Owners) and WIPTA Annual conference in Oshkosh – Friday, October 2nd 2017

Ride Safe will be making a presentation at this year’s WATO annual meeting in Oshkosh on On October 2nd 2017.

The WATO annual meeting is part of the WIPTA (Wisconsin Public Transportation Association) annual conference.

The WATO Annual Meeting will start at 2 pm At the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel and Convention Center located at 1 North Main Street in Oshkosh.

The meeting is open ONLY to WATO members and invited guests but Ride Safe will be providing LIVE webcasting and updates on THIS post through out the event.


Justin La Plante of Ride Safe will be making the presentation.


Itinerary as currently scheduled:

The Wisconsin Coordinated Transportation Cooperative is scheduled for 1 pm.

Ride Safe’s work with Uber and other Rideshare scams will be a highlight of the WATO meeting.

Between 2 and 4 PM depending on time, Ride Safe will present for 40 Minuets.

This presentation will consist of:

-A brief introduction and description of Ride Safe

-The primary problems posed by rideshares that Taxi companies need to focus on in order to win back customers and markets

– Solutions to Rideshare fraud

-The Ride safe plate reporting system and how YOU can become involved.


Monday afternoon ends with the big reception at the Grand Opera House In Oshkosh.
Guests are invited to that reception as well.

Ride Safe will be arranging and offering seminars and training on the use of the reporting system and the website at the WATO meeting.

On either Monday or Tuesday evening Ride safe will be going on a Rideshare plate hunting safari.  WATO Guests and members are invited to participate. Participation is limited based on available vehicle seating.


Ride Safe WATO hand out:








Due to the emergence of Rideshare (TNC) companies, transportation markets and the general public around the world have had to contend with uninsured rideshare accidents and a drastic inflation in assaults on customers by Rideshare drivers who are not vetted or properly trained in providing commercial transportation.

It is Ride Safe’s goal to improve the operations of both Rideshare and Taxi companies through out the world.

Services we provide:

-Reporting and tracking of Rideshare and Taxi plate numbers who may be committing fraud due to recent loopholes in city, state, province and national laws created for rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft.

-Training and education for vetted and insured Taxi companies in order to effectively deal with uninsured and fraudulent Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft.

-Education and outreach for education in National, State/Provincial and city governments to end loopholes in Rideshare and commercial transit laws which allow uninsured drivers without proper background checks to operate.

-Representation and aid for victims of uninsured rideshare wrecks and driver assaults.

-Presentation and training seminars for all vetted and insured commercial transportation providers who are dealing with uninsured and fraudulent commercial carriers such as Uber and Lyft.

-Angel rides for medical, emergency and special needs services.

-Safe Ride services to offer rides to those who may have become to intoxicated without funds and need a safe ride home.

-Product and IT service development to make commercial transportation services safer around the globe.


How to effectively combat Rideshare fraud and win back markets

-1 Identify the issues that matter to the customer and educate the public.


A- Rideshares are uninsured.

With over 90% of all rideshare drivers found to not be properly insured and the rest not properly posting insurance notification or being vetted by the rideshare companies they operate for, no rideshare can legally claim to actually have proper insurance.


B- Rideshares involve partners and customers in fraud and incrimination.

Both customer and Driver contracting and usage agreements with Uber and Lyft are fraudulent and involve the participant in agreements that force incrimination on the part of the driver and customer while freeing the rideshare company from all liability. 

Promotions and cross-promotions with private, public and commercial entities and Rideshare companies put these institutions and businesses into fraudulent agreements that incriminate them and make them liable for the uninsured wrecks and assaults their drivers commit.


C- Rideshares are statistically unsafe compared to EVERY other form of commercial transportation.

From October 2016 to October 2017 Uber and Lyft drivers have broken international records for the statistical danger their services are to the general public when compared to traditional taxi, air travel, bus and limo services.

London England experienced over 40 sexual assaults committed by Uber drivers on female customers in the last year.  In the US Uninsured wrecks and assaults on customers by Rideshare drivers are a regular occurrence in every state that allows them to operate.  Police agencies around the world have noted that most incidents with rideshare drivers go unreported due to the lack of proper emergency reporting systems with these companies.


D- Rideshare companies cannot legally claim to be safer than taxis.

From 2014 to 2015 both Uber and Lyft lost and were unfit to challenge litigation over the illegality of their ‘safe rides’ fee charges and have subsequently changed these fees to ‘booking’ fees as they were found unable to legally claim to be safe or properly insured.

2 Acknowledge taxi industry issues, own them and reform them.



When you see a rideshare, smile, waive, snap a picture of their plate and report it to Ride Safe.


B- Love credit card users or quit operating.

The year is 2017 and rudeness or disdain when faced with a credit card is nothing more than a shot in your own foot.


C- Explore better APP hail options.


-Universal Public domain app

-Flatt service provisions


D- EDUCATE the public and work with Rideshare users and Drivers, not against them.

Rideshare Drivers and Rideshare users are being DEFRAUDED.

Just as with all confidence scams, If they realize it now or not, eventually ALL rideshare customers and drivers learn the hard way that these companies are defrauding them.

Treat them as you would a child who does not yet understand the mistake they have made.  Outright hatred and anger do not provide a solution, FACTS DO.



Visit www.RideSafeWorld.com for more information, FREE training sessions here at WATO and how YOU can take back your markets.

Download the Ride Safe WATO flyer:


Download the Ride Safe WATO power point presentation:


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