Ride Safe World PSA in solidarity with Atlantic city Yellow cab, key to exposing Uber and Lyft

In an unorthodox effort of solidarity, Ride Safe world encourages every legitimate and fully insured cab and taxi driver reading this to do the following:
Print out and tape an Uber and Lyft logo to the inside of your front and back windows on the driver’s side bottom corners of your cab and/or personal vehicle.
Consider these facts:
1- Uber is not pressing the lawsuit. They aren’t even assisting in it. 
This is because they know this lawsuit will be lost and the implications in why these Uber drivers will lose can and will reflect poorly on rideshare companies by exposing key elements in how they defraud their customers and the general public.
2- The uber drivers want this to be a full blown lawsuit set in front of a jury. A JURY that will eventually be hearing from EACH AND EVERY ONE of these 250 NJ drivers that over 97% of them do not even have proper insurance to be driving people for money and are committing additional acts of fraud in various lease, warranty and service plan violations.
Not to mention that Uber’s own contracting and fraudulent insurance will eventually be exposed in front of a jury.
3- The law firm representing these drivers is of course like any other law firm, they are collecting representation fees from 250 clients KNOWING they will lose this case. Lawyers are often by trade con artists themselves but in this case they are actually doing the public a huge service.
So in solidarity with Atlantic city yellow cab, we encourage legitimate and vetted taxis through out the US to put Uber and Lyft logos in your windows.
We are letting the public know that LEGITIMATE AND INSURED services will drive them and if that takes masking as rideshare then SO BE IT.
There is no risk when not a single Uber or Lyft driver and even Uber and Lyft themselves can not even legally claim to be safe and insured in a court of law.
No judge or jury is going to take the side of these rideshare drivers and it will only expose what a confidence scam Uber and Lyft really are.

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