Ride Safe World’s Rideshare plate roundup, exposing convicted felons, uninsured drivers and sex offenders put on our streets by Uber and Lyft


In 22 US states, it is now legal for rideshare companies to operate drivers with no actual insurance coverage, no valid background checks on drivers and no vehicle inspections.


NOW, each and every month another series of uninsured wrecks, sexual assaults or thefts committed by rideshare drivers against rideshare customers and the general public are reported.

A perfect example of the frequency of assaults committed by rideshare drivers to those committed by vetted Taxis:

This is a google trends graph for the last 12 months with a comparison between the worlds largest rideshare company ‘Uber’ and ‘Taxi’ as general terms for all content on google:

Obviously ‘Uber’ is mentioned in google content on a 50% average LESS than that of ‘Taxi’.

Despite this, google content concerning the term ‘assault’ when applied to ‘Uber’ is on an average 50% MORE than that of ‘Taxi’.


Rideshare drivers are also themselves far less safe or ensured of safety by the companies they work for.

The emergency response time with a vetted taxi company is on average no more than a few minuets if not instant as each taxi has a direct method of communication with a LIVE third party at a local dispatch office as well as each taxi driver trained and required to communicate directly with law enforcement in the case of an emergency.

Even during one of the bloodiest mass shootings committed by either a rideshare OR Taxi driver in the history of the united states,  it took uber several hours to respond or even report the incident even when their own customers were actively texting directly to Uber through the app while the driver was acting erratic and driving dangerously HOURS before the shootings occurred.

In December of last year, an Uber driver in Madison, WI left an intoxicated passenger stranded on a highway who was then killed shortly after having been struck and run over by more than one vehicle.  The Uber driver had not even notified the police or Uber that they had left the passenger on the side of the road.

Rideshare drivers are not vetted, properly background checked and their vehicles not properly inspected or reported for inspection or commercial use to the DMV or local authorities.  Rideshare vehicles are also not required to carry any clear markings or indications on the outside of their vehicles.

This means ANY vehicle on the road can claim to be a rideshare vehicle even if they are not.

Because of this, there has also been a rash of individuals who are able to easily pose as rideshare drivers to victimize the general public in virtually every major city.

Some of the latest reports of fake rideshare drivers:


Los Angelis

New York

The problem of fake rideshare drivers is so rampant in the United States that no law enforcement agency or rideshare company has even begun to explore or offer a valid solution.


The solution is obvious.  

Rideshare companies and their drivers must be held accountable and required to maintain proper insurance and emergency response the same as any vetted taxi company and their drivers do.


With the ability collect ridesahare (Uber, Lyft, ect) license plates and search open records for proper DVM commercial use notifications, insurance and outstanding criminal records on drivers, Ride Safe world must now take action to protect the public.


In Madison Wisconsin alone, we have found THREE convicted sex offenders and multiple drivers with recent DUI convictions operating as Uber and Lyft drivers.


With these kinds of rideshare drivers operating in any given community, the question is not IF an assault or uninsured wreck will happen but WHEN.


Many of these drivers have records that would have kept them from driving commercially with any given cab or taxi company.

Over the coming months, Ride Safe World will continue to log and check ridesahre license plates in EVERY state they operate in throughout the United States of America.


What does this mean for the general public and rideshare customers?

-Our resources are limited and the time it takes to audit the rideshare drivers in each city is extensive but over time Sex offenders and felons with DUI/DWI records will no longer drive with ridesahre companies without a public record.

-We will maintain a listing of vehciles and plate numbers for each city we have found dangerous or uninsured ridesahre drivers in for the general public.

Because of current laws concerning rideshare companies, this is the best we can do for the public without over stepping legal limits.

What does this mean for rideshare drivers?

-If you are a rideshare driver and your vehicle has been logged in our reporting system, we will know if you do not have the proper insurance to operate as a rideshare driver. This will be reported to the rideshare company you drive for as well as any others in case you attempt to use another rideshare service.

-Your vehicle’s VIN number will be reported to carfax and the DMV so future buyers, lease holders, warranty holders and insurance policy holders on your vehicle are properly notified that it was operated as a commercial vehicle.

-Your personal identification information will not be shared with the general public unless you are a convicted felon or sex offender who is clearly operating a rideshare vehicle in violation of the safety claims made by the rideshare company you work for as well as local, state and national laws.

Operating a vehicle commercially for any amount of time greatly reduces it’s value.  This is why it is important that future buyers and any lease or warranty holder’s on your vehicle are properly notified.

It is also important that your own insurance provider be notified to make sure that you are not committing insurance fraud.


If YOU are a rideshare customer or member of the general public who has spotted a rideshare vehicle committing traffic violations or you suspect that the vehicle or driver may be in violation of the law or uninsured, PLEASE let us know by reporting them to our database.

All reports are 100% confidential.  Your identity and information will not be used for any purpose outside of reporting.  All information submitted is kept in confidentiality and ONLY used for the purposes of reporting any CLEARLY identified criminal activity or uninsured operations.

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