Ride Safe’s dash cam equipment essentials

Here you will find the components for the essential dash cam/black box recording system.
This system will greatly expedite plate reporting as well as protecting YOU with 24/7 ride documentation.
This unit meets insurance rebate standards for most commercial carriers in the US.
Be sure to contact your insurance provider to ask about amending your insurance rates.
Most black box system rebates are as high as 30% OFF your premiums!!!!
These are the essential components you will need.
The Dash cam
Ride Safe has reviewed several Dash Cam systems based on price and ease in use.
The essential components which any proper taxi dash cam needs:
1- An easy to use video software with GPS tracking on each video segment.
2- Interval recording.
3- Dual cameras for Interior and exterior recording at the same time.
4- Affordable for today’s vetted and insured commercial drivers.
5- Digital quality video that is clear and in vivid resolution
The best camera system that meets all of these requirements is the Boomyours 2.7.
A storage medium
A means to transfer the data
Organize and Transport
Each component is essential to safe and efficient operation of the system.
Here is a video explaining the system and how to use it:
Don’t let the initial assessment at the start of the video fool you, the current builds of the unit are actually more substantial than the reviewer is first stating.
This tutorial takes you through ALL of the unit’s features.
Notes to remember:
The micro SD card can be difficult to insert and retrieve from the device. Be VERY careful to insert it in the proper position as described by the graphic next to the insert slot and remember that the slot is spring loaded. The card will fly out of the slot if you do not carefully remove it.
The unit can not get too hot or too cold. Be sure to remove it entirely from the vehicle and store it in a safe, dry area when not in use.
If you ever see a blank, red or green screen when turning it on, it will need a hard reset by inserting a paper clip end into the reset hole on the back of the device. This process is described in the instructions.
The unit may arrive in an alternate language mode. Both the tutorial video and the written instructions will guide you through setting it to English or another language if you wish.
The ‘Jplayer’ video manager system instantly installs a video manager on your computer when you plug in the SD card for transfer. This system allows you to quickly manage and transfer videos and also includes the JPS position for each area filmed. This will allow you to eliminate written logs during shifts and compile them faster from the comfort of your workstation.