Ride Safe’s first OFFICIAL fund raiser



Due to the emergence of Rideshare (TNC) companies (Uber & Lyft), transportation markets and the general public around the world have had to contend with uninsured rideshare accidents and a drastic inflation in assaults on customers by Rideshare drivers who are not vetted or properly trained in providing commercial transportation.

This issue is not only a danger to the general public but the effects on the global economy are equally damaging and far reaching not just for local economies and businesses but the global economy in genera.

The “gig” or “on demand” model of business represents today’s most threatening obstruction to progress and prosperity as it creates an economy that is ultimately self destructive and costly to those who do not even use the services they offer.

At Ride Safe we have established the world’s ONLY effective means of dealing with rideshare confidence scams and the crime they cause.

We require continued funding in order to apply our sting operations, legal aid and offer our safety services to vetted and properly insured  operators and companies.

Now that Ride Safe is an official 501c3, we can offer these services in a non-profit capacity.

The services we offer:

-Street sting operations to observe uninsured and criminal infractions committed by dangerous and uninsured rideshare and taxi operators, resulting in their IMMEDIATE removal from our streets.

-Posting of sting operation videos to social media to show the public the effect of uninsured and improperly vetted rideshare drivers on our streets and on the economy.

-Dash Cam Express services offering dash cam server storage and express media share services for vetted and insured transportation companies to store and share their dash cam footage for insurance and safety purposes at a fraction of the cost from major big box providers.

-The RydeHUB FREE PUBLIC domain universal ride hail app.  A ride hailing app option for ONLY vetted and insured operators that supplies a FREE and easy to use ride hail app AND DISPATCH SYSTEM FREE to all vetted and properly insured operators.  WHY PAY for app hail systems to reach more customers and compete with rideshares?  App systems should be FREE and supply both customer and driver with a means to reach each other through smart phones without intrusive data collection or a cost to the driver or their company.

Ride Safe can offer these services because they are a benefit to the public AND SAFE and INSURED transportation services.

Help us end the madness and get ETHICAL transportation providers serving more of the public than uninsured and dangerous Rideshare companies (Uber & Lyft).

Initial items this fund will provide:

-A new sting operation and long range operations vehicle: $15,000.00

-New cameras, dash cams and recording equipment: $9000.00

-Social media and video production services and equipment: $3000.00

-Fund raiser and promotional budget for one year: $20,000.00
This would include a Multi-city US sting operation.

-Server and streaming services for Dash Cam Express: $2000.00

-World wide coverage, app service, equipment and call service for RydeHUB app:  $30,000.00
The RydeHUB app is CURRENTLY available and ready for testing and use in select areas, this funding would finish essential app services to cover the globe and compete in all markets with Rideshare/TNC app companies.

-One year for one paid employee to administrate Ride Safe: $21,000.00
I am willing to work one year on a shoe string budget to properly establish Ride Safe and operate it.

Ride Safe (Ride Safe International INC.) 501c3 Non-Profit

Ride Safe is a non-profit organization that is in no way affiliated, represented by or otherwise involved with any commercial transportation business or group.

Ride Safe is dedicated to transportation safety and transportation labor ethics.

Ride Safe’s EIN# 82-4180606
(for tax purposes)

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