Ride Safe’s Legal aid resource IS HERE

*Ride Safe does not solicit or profit from any legal action taken against any transportation company or the connection of any person or group to legal aid services.

Ride safe is now offering free legal aid and legal aid connections to any and all parties who would like to bring legal action against Uber, Lyft or another transportation provider for any incidents that my have been suffered or for the general damage done to the transportation market.

Since Uber and Lyft began operating, the number of assaults on customers, fraud and theft  of customer’s property has sky rocketed.  Many victims believe that certain waivers and arbitration agreements they have with companies like Uber and Lyft leave them without a legal recourse.  However several rulings against both Uber and Lyft in recent years has proved that the agreements which rideshare companies force their customers into do not hold up in court.

It is important to stand up for your rights and if your rights are violated, it is important to reclaim the damaged you are owed.

If you, a friend or family member has been defrauded, assaulted, robbed or harassed by a rideshare, taxi or other transportation provider, Ride Safe can now put you in touch with legal council that can properly assess and advise you on what to do, FREE OF CHARGE.

For this purpose, Ride Safe has sought the aid of the law offices of Jason Richard as well as organizing a network of resources and aid.


These services can also assist vetted transportation companies seeking legal aid for issues with fraudulent companies like Uber and Lyft.


Below you will find contact information and a contact form.  All information submitted is kept confidential and NOT used for any solicitations or third party marketing purposes.


For anyone seeking help In the US.

Jason Richard Law offices:

133 E. Garfield Avenue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

Phone: 414-232-1792

Email: jason@jrichardlaw.com


For anyone seeking help in the US or anywhere else in the world.

Ride Safe:

Phone: 920-266-9319

Email: justin@ridesafeworld.com




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