Rideshare driver insurance and safety self check form

Many Rideshare drivers have grave concerns around the safety and legality of their use of a personal, rented or leased vehicles as rideshare vehicles.

Ride Safe is not in the business of working for or with any Taxi or Rideshare company but rather making sure the public and customers are safe while on the road in what ever form of transportation they choose.

However rideshare companies DO have a very poor record of safety and proper insurance when compared to vetted taxi companies.

We do not see this as the fault of rideshare drivers but rather the rideshare companies themselves who often keep drivers uninformed as to the proper safety and insurance status of their vehicles.

This form is not intended to collect or distribute your information openly.  It is intended for you to be aware of and properly notified of the insurance and safety status of your rideshare activity.

If it is found that you may have been defrauded by the ridesahre you drive for, Ride Safe will make sure to properly inform you of this and pass along information to the proper authorities to assist you.

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