Safe Driver’s Guide

If you drive for Uber or Lyft, you are already violating the most simple rules of the road and defrauding the public. 
This list is for REAL commercial drivers, NOT Rideshare drivers.

NO driver can be called ‘professional’ without respecting the following:


1- You should have at least four hours of training and hands on drive time with an already vetted and experienced Taxi driver before ever continuing advanced training or considering full time work as a commercial transportation driver.


2- When ever the vehicle is stopped and passengers are entering or exiting the vehicle, you MUST keep the hazard lights ON.


3- NEVER block active traffic lanes, green lights or intersections to pickup or unload passengers.


4- Defensive driving is essential.


5- NEVER dump a call based on race, income, disability, the time of day or the size of the fare.


6- Credit cards exist and you thankfully accept them.


7- Uninsured rideshare vehicle drivers exist. They deserve fair treatment on the roads.  This is to protect their already endangered customers and the general public, not as a favor to them.


8- Smile and waive no matter what the guy in the other car or your passenger did.


9- DASH CAM DASH CAM DASH CAM    LINK HERE to see our dash cam system and learn how to use it properly.


NEVER, stop, park, drop off or perform a pick up INSIDE the red line.