Safe Passenger’s Guide


Uber and Lyft ARE NOT approved or recommended forms of safe transportation by Ride Safe WORLD.

Because Uber and Lyft do not operate with actual insurance coverage, it is at the risk of the customer to use these services.

The service term agreements Uber and Lyft use invalidate any and all insurance or safety measures advertised by either company.

Uber and Lyft drivers are approved to use these apps without actual in-person interaction with either company and no comprehensive background or document checking.  This means Uber and Lyft drivers can falsify their identities.

Until rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft can properly insure their services and the safety and security of their customers and drivers, Ride Safe World can NOT endorse any rideshare company.

Being a safe Passenger.

1- Plan ahead and be patient

Unlike rideshare companies, Taxis serve the ENTIRE community equally and fairly.  Taxi operations are also streamlined for efficiency to avoid wasted fuel and a larger carbon footprint.

Taxi/cab and ridepool Services that perform “shared ride” (not to be confused with “rideshare”) and pooled rides like Badger and Green Cab of Madison, WI also serve multiple customers at the same time, with the same vehicle.  This system lowers the carbon footprint significantly, while also keeping fewer vehicles on the road burning gas.

This means that Taxis are often very busy and have to process a number of rides so the vehicle does not travel empty more often than serving passengers.

This is  why Taxi services have longer wait times than rideshare services.

So it is important to plan ahead, call ahead and be patient.

If a taxi is running longer than the wait time given to you by the dispatcher, be sure to call the taxi company to remind them.

(((Be sure to notify Ride Safe WORLD in the comments below, by email or our rating system if you have been given incorrect wait times for a taxi company.)))

2- If the driver or the vehicle do not look safe, cancel the ride and request another or contact another provider.

In many of the worlds largest cities, By law, Taxi’s can not ban you from service or charge you a cancellation fee for cancelling the ride.

If the vehicle and it’s driver do not feel safe to you, do not take the ride and report any issues to the taxi company.

(((Be sure to notify Ride Safe World in the comments below, by email or our rating system If you notice unsafe drivers or vehicles on the road.)))