Current Staff:


All staff who are employed with or own a commercial transportation business have agreed to non-competition with other members and are not allowed to lobby for hire or payment for Ride Safe with any agency that is public or private.  All members have agreed that no payment or lobbying can be considered or accepted from any source unless that source is entirely non-profit and working in the interest of public safety.  All members have agreed to follow a uniform code of conduct with respect to public safety and ethics.


Chief Quarum:

Justin La Plante – Chief Administrator/Multimedia Engineer/Web Designer/Consumer Protections Liaison/Chief consultant/Editor/Chief Investigator/Legal

Sean Stultz – /Co-Founder/USA-East Region Admin/Chief of Social Networking communications/USA-Chief Taxi industry Liaison/Chief US East coast regional Senate chair

Julie Arnoldi – /Chief Wisconsin, USA Taxi Industry Liaison/Investigator/Chief US Midwest regional Senate chair/Consultant


Vacant Staff openings:


Chief customer liaison and senate chair

Ride Safe is seeking a member to represent the public in affairs of consumer protections and public relations.

This person must NOT be employed by or accept funding or influence from any commercial transportation company or representative.


Chief insurance liaison and senate chair


Chief trucking liaison and Senate chair


Chief air travel liaison and Senate chair


Chief bus travel liaison and Senate chair


Chief public transit liaison and Senate chair


Chief Public interest liaison and Senate chair


Chief safety advisor and Senate chair


Chief paratransit, ADA liaison and Senate chair


Chief Rideshare industry liaison and senate chair

Ride Safe is seeking a chief Rideshare industry Liaison.  This person would have to be a driver or hired representative with a rideshare company that is vetted and properly insured to provide commercial transportation to the public to at least the same level a Livery taxi or limo company is able.  As this position would require a member who works in the commercial transportation industry, this would not be a paid position.

*Uber and Lyft drivers and representatives can not qualify for this position due to obvious flaws and fraudulent terms in contracting and customer service agreements with each company.*