Chris O’Connell

USA-North East Region Admin/Chief of Public Relations for Eastern USA

Chris hails from Syracuse New York.  A local Taxi Driver and Owner of Critters N’ Fish.

Chris is Ride Safe’s public relations chief and administrator of the northern east coast region of the US.


January 1st 2018:

“Today I got my first ride share driver complaining about me taking pictures to report him. For sale sign right next to his Lyft sticker. He angrily asks why am I taking his picture. He did not like the answer because you are illegal, unvetted, uninsured and committing fraud. When I asked if he was going to disclose that he drove his car as a transportation vehicle when selling it he said why? I mentioned that that was also illegal to which he stormed back to his car and decided to follow me but thought better of it after a few blocks. ”