Tabloid click bait site uses out-dated rideshare propaganda to sell more spam

It has been years since we have heard Uber or Lyft representatives attempting to make claims that their services have made streets safer, more efficient or any more free of drunk driving than they had been before.

This is mainly due to the numerous lawsuits, assaults on customers and rideshare drivers working with both companies found operating while intoxicated in an epidemic of incidents which now make it a fallacy for either Lyft or Uber to claim their are “safe” compared to their taxi and limo counterparts.

However some click bait sites will from time to time entertain versions of these claims in order to sell more clicks, mallware, tabloid articles and advertised products.

The Free Thought Project Recently posted this meme on their ‘police the police’ facebook page:

The claim is of course 100% FALSE.

Since 2014 Uber and Lyft have been the direct cause of an epidemic increase in assaults on customers and commercial drivers operating while intoxicated.

In over 9 years the rate of drunk driving has not lowered or deviated from the same rate of increase experienced BEFORE Uber and Lyft entered the market.

The Free Though project is a click bait tabloid website featuring a flood of conflicting and entirely baseless articles on different political and social justice issues.

A page of articles from
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The web site’s content is very convoluted, without direction and the articles themselves lack proper sources or proofing.


While it can be appreciated that there are law enforcement agencies with severe issues in conduct, the use of deadly force on the innocent and profiling, the ‘police the police’ group on facebook and youtube which is operated by the “free thought project”, has often times posted videos and articles accusing police brutality where none actually existed outside of speculative accusations.

This has done more to hurt any real claims against police brutality by pairing those making honest claims with those making dishonest ones on the group’s facebook pages and website.

In a more recent post the the ‘Police the Police’ facebook group, the group now claims that facebook has limited their ability to make content available to their followers.  Using profanity and several unsubstantiated claims, they accuse facebook of “soft censorship”.

Meme posted to police the police facebook group.

It is fair to note the facebook is a private company and under the terms of service for use of facebook, the website can and will limit or promote content for what ever reason the website’s administrators see fit.

Though the page has over eleven thousand five star rated reviews, there are over two thousand 1 star reviews from facebook users complaining about spam and hate speech posted on the group’s page and on the free thought project website.