Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi violating traffic laws for promo pic to announce more deceptive app changes

Uber’s latest big roll out announcement of app changes came as ominously as many others previous but this one was made to appear more hands on as Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber’s CEO) himself took to the wheel to test the new app.

While driving a vehicle with illegal visual obstructions.

Like with any announced update or change to the app, Uber drivers were feverishly expecting an increase in fares.

Currently, after expenses and vehicle depreciation, the average Uber driver in the US makes less than $4.00usd an hour.

The low standard of pay and vetting also leaves over 98% of all Uber drivers operating without proper insurance and as many as 25% with criminal records in excess of Uber and Lyft’s vetting and background check promises.

However these factors of Uber operations which are the most deadly and costly to the general public, do not register with Uber OR Lyft drivers as even an issue.

They are more concerned with making at least minimum wage in order to defraud their customers for profit.

To that end, Uber’s announced changes to the app included an augmentation to an already fraudulent scheme of bonus and incentive systems that the company has already been fined by the FTC for.

Instead of an increase in fare rates, drivers are now given a new scheme of incentives termed as ‘quests’ in a move to ‘gamify’ the app through offering the same selective service and boosted availability to selective service areas through more fraudulent surge rate schemes.

There is also an addition of an earnings meter displayed at the very top of the app at all times.


It is very likely that this new scheme will land Uber in more litigation losses over fraud and the company is assured to continue generating more customer assaults and uninsured wrecks than any form of commercial transportation today.

The obvious lack in consideration for safety and the law depicted in this image of Uber’s CEO behind the wheel of a vehicle with more than one visual obstruction (OTHER than Mr. Khosrowshahi’s obscenely yellow teeth beaming through his dumbfounded smile) , says it all.