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Petition to London TFL, KEEP the Uber ban *Sign, Share and LIKE*

  Yesterday London’s TFL denied Uber their license renewal, returning safety to commercial transit in London once again. Uber of course has prepared and motivated millions of dollars in lobbying and bribe money in an attempt to repeal the TFL’s decision before this ban goes into effect. This is YOUR […]

New t-shirts and score card campaign coming SOON!

Ride Safe world is proud to introduce our first T-shirt design available NOW from TeeSpring (click on image if you would like to get your’s today): In the coming weeks we will begin our Score Card campaign. Available ONLY to all vetted and insured taxi/cab drivers through out the world […]

Open letter to Uber and Lyft, “WHY are uninsured drivers and convicted felons still driving on your platform in Madison, WI?”

*Three weeks have passed with no word from Uber or Lyft that any of the drivers found uninsured or driving with dangerous criminal records (DUI/Sex Offenders) had been removed from the apps.* For our readers at www.ridesafeworld.com and local authorities in Madison WI, we are making sure to note that the plates […]