Statement concerning NBC 15’s (Madison NBC affiliate) treatment of news pertaining to the number of sex offenders currently found driving in Madison WI for Uber and Lyft

Statement concerning NBC 15’s treatment of news pertaining to the number of sex offenders currently found driving in Madison WI for Uber and Lyft

Today (8-24-2017) presented evidence at the Wisconsin state capital during a press conference covored by NBC15.…/

This evidence concludes without a doubt that convicted sex offenders ARE in fact driving for Uber and Lyft CURRENTLY through out Wisconsin.

Here is NBC15’s segment following the press conference today:

NBC 15 slashed the entire notice to the public of sex offenders CURRENTLY driving for Uber and Lyft in Madison out of the story to shoe in a fake argument that the companies might leave if their drivers ever had to comply with fingerprint background checks.
When Boston Mandated actual background checks on them they didn’t leave. They complied and 8000 of their drivers failed the new system.

They are still in Boston, they simply don’t have sex offenders and people who gang rape children driving for them, LIKE MADISON WISCONSIN DOES RIGHT NOW.

The uphill battle to make sure rideshares are even insured is going to be hard enough over the coming years if it doesnt bankrupt the auto insurance industry and take the rest of the country with it.
ALL Ride Safe wanted to do today was TRY to get the word out to lessen the chances that someone’s child ends up in one of these vehicles.
Instead they just compounded the problem for Wisconsin residents.

Saira Anwer (NBC 15 reporter who covered this segment) Lied. She said she was going to be responsible with the information and reporting it when she spoke with Justin La Plante (Ride Safe administrator) after this press conference.
She cut everyone offering evidence out of the segment AND the written article.
She then compounded the EXACT same propaganda argument that Uber and Lyft force on the media to scare customers into thinking a simple background check would destroy rideshare business.

PSA to Madison area Businesses and General Public: UNINSURED/convicted felons/sex offenders driving Uber & Lyft in your area.

For just over three years now, we have been compiling a license plate list of Uber and Lyft drivers in Madison Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.

Since we have found that drivers with both companies can and do register with false information and are also allowed to drive with criminal records, we wanted to see just how many there were in the Madison area who do not meet the claims of Lyft and Uber for keeping convicted felons from driving for them.

Through publicly available information we have acquired the exact insurance and registration status of each of the vehicles listed.

Since the Wisconsin DMV requires registration of all vehicles operating in a commercial capacity this goes hand in hand with the insurance coverage on the vehicle as one can not exist without the other.

As defined in the driver contracting for both Uber and Lyft, if the driver operating for the rideshare company does not have proper notification to their own insurance provider of the commercial use of the vehicle, any and all insurance offered by the rideshare company is also invalidated.

Furthermore, the customer TOS agreements with both Uber and Lyft clearly indicate that neither company maintains actual liability for the safety of the passenger, thus invalidating the liability for insurance coverage entirely in every case.

We do not list vehicles on this database lightly or share this information irresponsibly.

Each listing is accompanied by either a photo or video, testimony from more than one credible party and testimony from the rideshare drivers themselves in some cases.

Each vehicle has been found regularly operating pickups and drops in commercial transportation areas over more than one trip on more than one day or night during regular taxi and rideshare high traffic hours.

We do not share or compile specific identifying data on the individuals attributed to any license plate or vin number listed with the general public.

In the case of convicted felons who pose a clear threat to the public and would not be allowed to operate under the claimed standards of each TNC company or ANY taxi/cab company, we ONLY report identifying information to the police as this poses a clear danger to the general public if a violent felon or sex offender has been allowed access to the public in potential violation of probation and sex offender statutes or poses a potential threat to the public.

We report these individuals as immediately as we find them to MPD and also report them to the rideshare companies they have been found operating for.

However the average response time with rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft is several hours to days AFTER these reports have been made.

Making the process completely unreliable for proper safety and consumer protections. This is why we immediately notify the police

The process is also slow as we are very short staffed and have limited resources for fact checking each plate number listed.

We Must make absolutely sure that each rideshare plate we check is checked responsibly and thoroughly before it is amended to our database as a potential threat to the public.

We have found that the MAJORITY of Uber and Lyft drivers in Madison and surrounding areas DO NOT have proper insurance and ARE NOT covered with proper insurance by Uber or Lyft.

We have also found SEVERAL Uber and Lyft drivers who have criminal records which would have disqualified them for driving with any local cab or transit company as well as being in violation of the safety claims made by Uber and Lyft.

It is for this reason that we advise the general public to avoid using these companies for transportation services because of this clear lack of safety and over all insurance coverage.

We also advise the business community to protect your patrons, guests, customers and the integrity of your own establishments by advising customers to not use Uber or Lyft.

We understand that rideshare companies are far cheaper and faster than vetted and insured taxis. This is because vetted and insured taxis are vetted and insured. Unlike Uber or lyft these vehicles are regularly inspected, fully insured and serve ALL portions of the community equally on a round the clock basis in the Madison area, not just the places and times where it is more profitable or convenient for them too.

Is another five dollars and twenty more minuets really worth what can and does happen on a week to week basis when convicted felons allowed to drive for Uber cause another uninsured wreck or assault another customer?

Think of the well being of your community as well as your own.

The following rideshare plates have been found operating in the Madison area over the last three years.

Some have since been terminated from operation while others are CURRENTLY in operation.

DO NOT under ANY circumstances transport children either with or without an adult in an Uber or Lyft vehicle AT ANY TIME.

If you are an adult over the age of 18 and do happen to use a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft in the Madison area PLEASE avoid the following vehicles as they are either not properly insured or there are convicted felons operating them:

Plate: 929SHN Uber 2007 CHRYSLER PACIFICA silver

Plate: 718 WTB Uber and Lyft 2010 PONTIAC VIBE Purple

Plate: 409WER Uber and Lyft 2011 Ford Focus Red

Plate: 179wgu Uber and Lyft 2011 TOYOTA COROLLA Tan

Plate: V190999 – illinois Uber 2002 Cadillac SUV White

Plate: 146YBU – Uber 2006 SATURN VUE Silver

Plate: 591ZAE -Lyft and Uber 2008 Nissan Sentra Silver

Plate: 209ylx – uber 2013 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER Silver

Plate: 444 UJW -Uber and Lyft 2014 Jeep Patriot Sport Red

Plate: 625UET – Lyft and Uber 2014 Nissan Murano white

Uber Dodge


394-SRB silver
Uber Toyota


543-RLG gray
Uber/Lyft Toyota


699-MJS gray
Uber/Lyft Toyota


714-WML gray
Uber Lexus SUV


609-VXG black
Uber Kia


355-NES white
Uber Chrysler SUV


929-SHN silver
Dodge mini-van 756-XBW Black Uber and Lyft
Toyota Matrix 810-VMT Silver Uber
Toyota Corolla 883-PRH Dark blue Uber and Lyft

This is only the first 20 in a list of over 100 vehicles operating in the Madison area.

So far we have been able to check and confirm that these vehicles either do not meet the safety standards advertised by Uber and Lyft or their owners have criminal records in excess of the safety claims made by Uber and Lyft.

Detailed information on the plate reports and drivers has been forwarded to Uber, Lyft, DSPS, the FTC and the Madison Police Department.

We will continue to check the additional plates submitted as well as any new plates submitted.

If YOU feel that an Uber or Lyft vehicle you have used in the past was not safe , please let us know. Our online reporting form can be found HERE.

Currently the legislation in Wisconsin allows for Uber and Lyft drivers to operate uninsured through out the state and for Uber and Lyft to approve drivers without actual background checks performed on the drivers or inspections performed on the vehicles.

We hope that these reports will shed some light on the disaster this has caused nation wide and convince law makers to legislate in the best interests of Wisconsin residents.

It should be noted that despite reporting known sex offenders and uninsured drivers operating for Uber and Lyft to the police, the current state law in Wisconsin, passed by Scott Walker in 2014 bars local police from enforcing any regulation on TNC/rideshare drivers who are known felons or sex offenders.   So we can only report these findings to the police in the hope that when something does happen, they will at least have more information on the likely perpetrators despite having no recourse to stop them before hand.  Neither Uber or Lyft maintain a real time emergency reporting system or can ensure that when reported, a driver has actually been removed from the system.

Despite legislator’s and lobbyist’s promises that these laws would protect Wisconsin residents, they have only done the opposite.