Ride Safe resists yet another cyber attack and rideshare shills posing as Taxi and Limo drivers

Letter from the Admin,

On Monday a series of false complaints began coming in on my facebook account while I slept.

On Tuesday Morning, the account had been suspended for 30 days and Ride Safe’s fund-raising ad had been removed entirely from facebook.

As facebook is a private commercial venture and makes its own rules for what and who can and can not be on the website based on member complaints if they happen to be real complaints or not, it was inevitable that my account would be attacked in this manner and content removed to silence Ride Safe.

Facebook does run Uber and Lyft advertisements after all.

On Wednesday my Twitter account was also suspended after another series of false flag complaints. This suspension only lasting 11 hours.

During this time a self proclaimed “limo” driver from Las Vegas had been contacting me through email after our original conversation was re-directed, following the facebook suspension.

His original message on facebook before the suspension:

However I noticed something ode about his facebook account almost immediately.

Nothing could be more self contradicting than to support Trump AND be against Rideshares.
Trump himself invited Uber’s CEO to be on the presidential business council and Mike Pence passed one of the most sweeping state de-regulations specifically written FOR HIM BY UBER shortly before he became Donald Trump’s running mate.

I chalked this up to simple political ignorance. There are some cabbies and limo operators who do not yet realize that the GOP has been chipping away at their market under Uber’s guidance ever since the company began lobbying legislation.

This is not to say that the Democrats have not put in their own support in some US cities and states.
However the amount of support given to Uber by Republicans is far more supportive of Uber’s “trickle down, double deal and hang the driver” business model, than any contribution of the Democratic party.

I had actually granted this man an authorship account on Ride Safe to access our database, do uploads and even edit the database if need be.

It wasnt long after granting him this access, that his tune began to change.

Suddenly, he was reading direct from Uber and Lyft’s spin department playbook.
Claiming that an insurance policy exists while ignoring the fact that the driver contracting and lack of communication to the driver’s own insurance provider invalidates said insurance.

I immediately checked Ride Safe’s access and change logs to determine if he had done any damage to the site.
AMAZINGLY, he had not even accessed the site yet.

This may be surprising but if you have ever been in as many legislative presentations as I have with Uber and Lyft lobbyists, you would understand. They DO NOT hire well-educated people and their online shills are MUCH farther down the bench in IQ.

Uber and Lyft survive on bribes and double talk to easily purchased state legislators who are often themselves far less capable and educated than their national senate and congressional counterparts.

During this time there have also been several log in attempts to some of the admin accounts on the website, further false flag reports on my facebook account and several suspicious friend requests made on my facebook and twitter accounts which indicate an increase in rideshare shills attempting to access me more directly.

Currently, I can only see facebook activity and respond to or send friend requests.

Messaging and content changes to facebook are suspended for another 26 days.

I have patched up my facebook security and visible content options as well as suspending open registration on Ride Safe until I purge the unknown and inactive accounts on the site.

The PUBLIC ridesahre plate notification app is still functioning and all databases are still secure and fully stocked with their original data.

The plate reporting system is also still working fine and new plates are still being added every hour.

Member data is secure and has not been breached.

If this infiltration and the harassment of my social network accounts was intended or orchestrated by Uber and/or Lyft, we may never know.

Ride Safe has, to date gotten over 200 Rideshare drivers kicked off of these apps.
Of course some of these drivers suffered massive insurance policy and economic trouble as a result of being exposed for committing fraud.

It is likely that some current and former rideshare drivers may be organising to harass and attempt to infiltrate Ride Safe by any means.

This just means that we are doing a VERY good job.

I would like to thank Sean Stultz and Julie Arnoldi for getting word to everyone on facebook.

PLEASE keep in mind that unless facebook decided to do something responsible, I will be suspended from facebook or being able to communicate with anyone on facebook for another 26 days from TODAY.

You may get in touch with me through the email or phone muber listed on the contact page under the ‘about’ section.

Justin La Plante
Cheif Admin, Ride Safe

Facebook Removal of content concerning Uber Lobbying in Queensland Australia (video)

Ride Safe Madison founder Justin La Plante’s facebook profile was suspended from posting or communication through the social networking site today.

A recent post made by La Plante, (now removed by facebook) contained publicly available information regarding an Uber operations manager working in Queensland and an Uber lobbyists also working in eastern Australia.



Original content of post removed by facebook:

Queesnland! here are your power players with Uber:

Uber Queensland and Sydney representatives and influence.

Chad Hardy


Operations & Logistics Manager at Uber

Brisbane, Australia

This is THE regional operations manager for Queensland. He calls the shots and makes the dirty deals.

Outreach Coordinator
Out for Australia
Out for Australia is an organisation that seeks to support and mentor aspiring LGBTIQ professionals as they navigate their way through the early stages of their career. 

Likley manipulating the LGBTIQ community of Australia for marketing with Uber.

Jessica Morton
Strategy & Planning at Uber

Sydney, Australia

This is a lobbying manager and likely has been taking several meetings with your elected political representatives.

Previously employed by Goldman Sachs. These people are leeches.

Both have worked in administration and councils with the University of queensland.
Uber seems to be hiring directly from the university of queensland.

Response Statement from La Plante:

Hello all,

I’ve asked Sean Stultz to mirror this post for me. Thank you very much Sean for the assist.
As we have seen in the past (VERY rarely), if a taxi company, news organization or lobbying effort ever had something false to claim about Uber, Uber has been all over it to use it as a means to damn their detractors and claim that taxi companies do nothing but lie and endanger the public.
In my case, Uber tries their hardest to ignore the things I uncover as they can not deny them.
Today something entirely different happened.
I had been researching the recent lobbying efforts of Uber in eastern Australia.
A general manager for Uber in Queensland by the name of Chad Hardy and lobbying representative by the name of Jessica Morton came up. I’ve found very little information on the special interest connections with these two individuals while trying very hard to navigate Australia’s current political map.
One thing I did notice was Chad hardey’s involvement with ‘Out for Australia’ an Australian LBGTQ Rights group. As we have seen int he past Uber likes to manipulate community interests like these to co-opt their own agenda. This is the reason for the suggestion that Mr. Hardy may be manipulating Out for Australia for the Uber agenda. One would think that such a suggestion would have been a viable source to accuse defamation or slander if it was in fact false and leave it for all to see in order to retract what I was saying.
Instead the posts were removed by Facebook after several take down requests were made.
This may be from the automated system taking the post down from a certain volume of take down requests or a direct petition with live support having done the take down and suspension.
Or it may simply be that the large amount of shares from the original post lead to a large amount of facebook uber shills reporting it. However if negative reports on my Uber content lead to such a thing, I would have been banned from facebook long ago. Even facebook maintains some level of respecting truth in journalism and free expression.
In any case I am blocked from posting, communicating or doing anything but only seeing the content of facebook currently and for the next three days.
There are several things that perplex me about Uber’s political relationships in Australia. It is far more secretive and less reported than anywhere else I’ve seen the company operate. The fact that Uber has gone this far in getting content removed and maintain silence indicates that I am on to something they do not want in the public eye.
I know many of you are messaging. i can not respond, “like” post, reply or so much as friend request until the block is lifted in three days.
Justin La Plante