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Petition to London TFL, KEEP the Uber ban *Sign, Share and LIKE*

  Yesterday London’s TFL denied Uber their license renewal, returning safety to commercial transit in London once again. Uber of course has prepared and motivated millions of dollars in lobbying and bribe money in an attempt to repeal the TFL’s decision before this ban goes into effect. This is YOUR […]

Title town’s TNC terrors promoted by Ashwaubenon dept of Public safety

**Retraction** Previously it was reported that The Green bay police Department had been involved with the Ashwaubenon department of public safety in harassing Green Bay taxis and allowing Uber and Lyft vehicles to violate the law.  These reports had been improperly confused with reports about the Ashwaubenon Department of public […]

Open letter to 89.9FM WORT Madison, you have turned your back on Madison and owe this community a retraction

Unsurprisingly the two major news outlets in Madison white washed evidence we had presented at the capital news conference today (8-24-2017).   ABC:   http://ridesafeworld.com/wkow-abc-channel-27-abc-affiliate-in-madison-covers-a-small-portion-of-ride-safes-presentation-on-sex-offenders-operating-for-uber-and-lyft/   NBC:   http://ridesafeworld.com/statement-concerning-nbc-15s-madison-nbc-affiliate-treatment-of-news-pertaining-to-the-number-of-sex-offenders-currently-found-driving-in-madison-wi-for-uber-and-lyft/     They shredded the evidence and told the story Uber wanted them to tell in order to make the facts […]

PSA to Madison area Businesses and General Public: UNINSURED/convicted felons/sex offenders driving Uber & Lyft in your area.

For just over three years now, we have been compiling a license plate list of Uber and Lyft drivers in Madison Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. Since we have found that drivers with both companies can and do register with false information and are also allowed to drive with criminal […]