Open letter, Melbourne, Victoria

Hi Alexandra,

I saw your article in the paper and felt compelled to email you with some questions to maybe ask the minister and Premier.

Firstly most operators in the Taxi and Hire Car industries have laughed hysterically at this typical knee jerk reaction by the Andrews Govt.

So Jacinta and Dan told us that the Taxi and Hire Car Industries were old and grey and needed a top to toe makeover. Bingo, l have it says Dan, full dual industry deregulation.

Having seen the first sign of the “Law of Unintended Consequences” (Uber surge pricing) the knee jerk at Spring Street has occurred almost faster than the speed of light.

So Dan the Man tells us all is good,  deregulation will create a level playing field and so everyone is happy here is a pittance of compensation for Taxi and Hire Car operators. Now everyone go away and be quiet. Competition is good and only the smart will survive.

But wait whats this UberX passengers are being exploited and grossly overcharged during their hour of need ? Right well we can’t have that so we shall regulate to prohibit “surge pricing”.

Ok Dan now excuse me if I’m confused or just a complete moron but didn’t you tell us deregulation was good, technology is the future, the strong shall survive and prosper etc etc ? Now we need to reregulate in order to protect the Uber using public. It should also be noted that currently as the law stands UberX services are still illegal in Victoria  and Victoria Police are issuing $ 1903.00 fines to drivers for operating a commercial passenger vehicle without a licence.

The last and most salient point is that Uber began operating an Illegal Taxi service (UberX) dressed in a new suit of corporate spin called “ride sharing” in 2012. Now if we deregulate but remove Uber’s gift to the travelling public called “dynamic pricing” why would Uber obey that law ? Uber just ignored the laws regarding commercial passenger transport in 2012 because it didn’t suit their business model. A ban on surge pricing also doesn’t suit their business model so no doubt they will just ignore that law too. That is after all Uber’s standard operating procedure around the world. Maybe their new corporate logo could be “Uber – breaking laws we don’t like, one country at a time”.

Some food for thought Alexandra.

Kind regards

Craig Tresise,

Managing Director

Southernex Limo’s Melbourne, Vic

A Member of Combined Chauffeured Cars Group