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Recently Ride Safe discovered that the head of the Green bay Tavern League, Don Mjelde was actually using Lyft as a safe ride service for intoxicated customers leaving ‘Richard Craniums’, the Green Bay bar that Mr. Mjelde also owns.  Several other Wisconsin tavern league members establishments in the Oshkosh and appleton areas […]

Petition, Wisconsin Tavern League to end fraudulent relationship with Rideshare companies

*Petition and Links included below*   Administrators and members of the Wisconsin Tavern League   We, the undersigned, represent tavern patrons, transportation providers and members of the general public throughout Wisconsin. Drivers operating for the rideshare services Uber and Lyft have been documented numerous times violating basic traffic laws, causing […]

Petition to London TFL, KEEP the Uber ban *Sign, Share and LIKE*

  Yesterday London’s TFL denied Uber their license renewal, returning safety to commercial transit in London once again. Uber of course has prepared and motivated millions of dollars in lobbying and bribe money in an attempt to repeal the TFL’s decision before this ban goes into effect. This is YOUR […]

Title town’s TNC terrors promoted by Ashwaubenon dept of Public safety

**Retraction** Previously it was reported that The Green bay police Department had been involved with the Ashwaubenon department of public safety in harassing Green Bay taxis and allowing Uber and Lyft vehicles to violate the law.  These reports had been improperly confused with reports about the Ashwaubenon Department of public […]

Ride Safe, Bounce Milwaukee, WSGG and PETA collaborate to end Animal cruelty, Wizard World Bans Pocket Pets!

This year Ride Safe added a petition for an animal rights effort to our site in order to aid a worthy local cause in the Wisconsin area. This petition was organized in order to plead with the Wizard World Comic Con events to end their business relationship hosting the company […]

Statement concerning NBC 15’s (Madison NBC affiliate) treatment of news pertaining to the number of sex offenders currently found driving in Madison WI for Uber and Lyft

Statement concerning NBC 15’s treatment of news pertaining to the number of sex offenders currently found driving in Madison WI for Uber and Lyft Today (8-24-2017) www.ridesafeworld.com presented evidence at the Wisconsin state capital during a press conference covored by NBC15. http://ridesafeworld.com/ride-safe-psa-wisconsin-state-sen…/ This evidence concludes without a doubt that convicted sex offenders […]

Ride Safe Presentation for Wisconsin state Senate and Assembly, regulation of Rideshare/TNC operations

Presentation for Wisconsin state legislature (Senate and Assembly) concerning rideshare/TNC operations in the state of Wisconsin since 2014 and proposed regulation of Rideshare/TNC operations in Wisconsin   Prepared by Justin La Plante Administrator of Ride Safe www.ridesafeworld.com formerly www.ridesafemadison.net   Visit www.ridesafeworld.com to view the linked/attached content listed if you […]