“RIDESHARES ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE”, New PSA by Pamela Anderson sends a clear message about the dangers of Rideshare/TNC services Uber and Lyft.

In a new PSA, Pamela Anderson sends a clear and precise message about the dangers of Rideshare companies.

Link: https://youtu.be/bb9ZxP4rgSk

Since 2014, Uber and Lyft have  contributed directly to RECORD increases in customer assaults and uninsured wrecks in commercial transportation around the globe.

Since the inception of motor transportation, sexual assault of women by commercial carriers has NEVER been as common in any form of commercial transportation as it is today.  This is a direct result of  assaults commited by Uber and Lyft drivers.

As always, Ride Safe advises ALL travelers to avoid Rideshare services.

Over 98% of all Uber and Lyft vehicles do not have proper insurance to cover any accident or incident that may injure you or any other person involved.

Uber and Lyft use contracting terms in their customer service agreements which CLEARLY invalidate the assurance of safety, insurance coverage, driver background checking and driver vetting, advertised by both companies.

The rides taken in these vehciles are not being monitorred by a live third party and there is absolutely no comprehensive law enforcement or emergency compliance available if there is an incident during your ride.

A vetted Taxi CAN assure you of safety, driver vetting and WILL ALWAYS cover you with actual insurance for the ride.

A taxi may take longer and cost more than a rideshare.

This is because you are paying for a trained professional driver, insurance to protect you and your belongings and you are being provided service by a provider that serves ALL of the community, not just a selective and biased portion of the community.

A little patience and cost gets you the ACCOUNTABILITY that Uber and Lyft WILL NOT give you.