TOWNSVILLE, QLD, Australia’s dirty Rideshare secret, that isn’t a secret

Today we take a quick hop to the other side of the planet to see if the average number of uninsured rideshare drivers is near too or matches that of their counterparts here in the US.

Currently 98.5% of ALL US rideshare vehicles reported to our database have come up entirely uninsured for providing commercial transportation.

An average of 27% have criminal records which would have barred them from operating commercially for vetted commercial transportation services such as buses, taxis, railways and of course air travel.

Though criminal records are currently not as easy to find in Australia as they are in the US, the Australian motor vehicles department has an amazingly simple to use vehicle registration search.

With just the vehicle’s plate number, you are provided (in public information) the vehicle’s VIN number, Make model, production year AND it’s usage classification.

Just as in the US, a motor vehicle department’s usage classification is also noted by the vehicle owner’s insurance company to ensure proper insurance is provided.

Just as in many US states, including my home state of Wisconsin, if the vehicle’s usage classification is not properly noted to the motor vehicle department, this constitutes insurance fraud and is grounds for the loss of insurance coverage.

Not to mention additional fines and fees if local, state or national laws require the proper notification of the vehicle’s usage.

In Wisconsin, it is still a $1200.00usd fine if you fail to report proper usage (commercial or private) to the DMV.

So let us look at just the first 51 Uber vehicle reports from our good friends in Townsville, Queensland, Australia (listed below).

Vehicles without commercial registration or insurance are marked ‘private’.

Those with proper registration and insurance are marked ‘commercial’.

Out of 51 vehicles reported only 4 were found to be properly listed as commercial vehicles.

Meaning that in Townsville Australia, more than 91% of the rideshare drivers submitted to our database DO NOT have proper insurance OR motor vehicle department listings on their vehicles.

We have advised Uber.

We have also made sure to report the VIN Numbers of ALL the vehicles submitted so future buyers or policy holders on these vehicles will not be defrauded if the owners neglect to inform them of their commercial use.

If you are a resident of Townsville and happen to spot one of these 51 uninsured vehicles operating as rideshares after having read this article, please let us know.

*4 reports are duplicates and have been tallied out accordingly in the final total of 51.  Duplicate reports show that the vehicle was operating so frequently that it had been reported by more than one person.*