Madison, WI Uber driver’s racially ignorant harassment of a passenger

A resident and facebook friend in my home city of Madison just hours ago had a scrape with their rideshare driver.

This friend is of mixed racial origin and the driver felt like commenting on this.

Their post to facebook after the incident.  This person was not in a costume or over the top garments.  The driver was specifically commenting on their racial origins. *I have my facebook notifications and language set to ‘pirate mode’ , hence the hourglass reference.*

Since it was a Sunday and there was no surge activity, this person had waited just over an HOUR for their Uber to arrive.  This person lives downtown well inside Uber’s preferred pickup area for Madison.

Since this person had mentioned ‘cab’ and I regularly advise cab companies on complaints sent to our facebook and website, it was just as important as any rideshare complaint to expedite it and advise the local cab company responsible, just as I would any rideshare company.

But this wasn’t a cab company.

It was not until this person shared a screen capture of their trip information that it became clear.

This was an Uber, not a cab or taxi.

Surprisingly, Uber promptly replied to the complaint and refunded this person’s money.

It would be ideal if Uber and Lyft could be just as prompt in response when one of their drivers kills or rapes a customer.

Not to lighten the serious nature of this infraction.

Cultural and Racial ignorance and harassment are hallmarks of a diseased mind.

While harassment and assaults committed by rideshare drivers are quite common, Ride Safe World has not received a single complaint about racial, sexual or cultural insensitivity in the Madison, WI area concerning a taxi/cab driver in just over 13 months.  The last case that was reported for a Cab/Taxi company was due to a driver who was promptly fired for using a slur when referring to a LGTB customer.

Very likely, Uber may have removed this person from their “platform” and of course the customer was refunded.

Madison Uber and Lyft drivers remain among the most dangerous logged in our database since it’s inception.  Ride Safe World has not yet found a single Rideshare driver in the city of Madison driving for either Lyft or Uber who actually has proper insurance for commercial transportation.

Despite our reports of uninsured drivers, registered sex offenders, DUI/DWI convicts and violent felons found operating as ridesahre drivers for Uber and Lyft in the area, very few have actually been removed from the streets of Madison.



UPDATE – July-31-2017

As it turns out, the driver was not taken off the Uber platform but rather he was “reached out” too in an “investigation”, of the matter.