Uber and Uber man, the self destruction of the gig economy and Randy Shear’s humiliating self doxing for a live stream

One of Uber’s top youtube representatives and the Mystro app’s primary youtube promoter and partner Randy Shear, (the ‘Uber Man’ on youtube) is famous for pushing rideshare scams and invasive apps onto the unsuspecting public as well as other rideshare drivers.

On Tuesday Shear did a very long live stream session on youtube.

Man or Uber man, the self destruction of Uber and Randy Shear from Justin La Plante on Vimeo.

Though he later attempted to edit out the incriminating content in the video, he failed to remove much of the self destructive content.

Ride safe world was also able to capture the video in it’s entirety before shear made the changes to it.

In the video we see shear swearing regularly in front of his children, speeding in traffic, reading from a cell phone while driving, driving with his hands off the wheel and then doxing himself by sharing confidential information.

The information shared by Shear in the video has allowed Ride Safe World to discover through open records that the ‘Uber Man’ has been operating as a rideshare driver with Uber and Lyft with absolutely no actual commercial insurance.

Shear goes on in the video to offer fraudulent warranty advice and describe several aspects of rideshare operations and the Mystro app which are clear indications that these businesses are operating other than reputable enterprises.

The vanity license plate which shear shares in the video ‘randy2’, which turns out to be real, under his actual name and ENTIRELY uninsured for commercial use has now been added to our database as our first entry for Oklahoma.   The vehicle vin number attributed to the plate will be reported to carfax and for our open dealership database so Randy will not be able to defraud any future buyers in resale.


Congratulations UBER MAN, YOU MADE IT!