RydeHub, A solution to end Rideshare fraud, sexual assault and return a level playing field to the Taxi market.

Since 2015 Ride Safe has been in the development of a new alternative to return accountability and a level playing field to the Taxi market.


When politicians, big business and regulators have repeatedly failed to address the issues, it is then up to THE PEOPLE and a free market to institute the changes that will return liberty and justice to commerce as well as SAFETY to customers.


RydeHub is an entirely new concept in App development which eliminates the problems created by fraudulent and uninsured business models like Uber and Lyft.

It gives MORE options for ride connection to the customer AND provider while establishing safety and accountability that Uber and Lyft can not even legally claim to provide.

In This video, I go over the essential functions of Rydehub for any vetted taxi providers who may be interested in helping with the BETA testing of this new app.


If you would like to help advance the beta testing and development of Rydehub with a donation, follow THIS LINK.