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Ride Safe resists yet another cyber attack and rideshare shills posing as Taxi and Limo drivers

Letter from the Admin, On Monday a series of false complaints began coming in on my facebook account while I slept. On Tuesday Morning, the account had been suspended for 30 days and Ride Safe’s fund-raising ad had been removed entirely from facebook. As facebook is a private commercial venture […]

Open letter to 89.9FM WORT Madison, you have turned your back on Madison and owe this community a retraction

Unsurprisingly the two major news outlets in Madison white washed evidence we had presented at the capital news conference today (8-24-2017).   ABC:   http://ridesafeworld.com/wkow-abc-channel-27-abc-affiliate-in-madison-covers-a-small-portion-of-ride-safes-presentation-on-sex-offenders-operating-for-uber-and-lyft/   NBC:   http://ridesafeworld.com/statement-concerning-nbc-15s-madison-nbc-affiliate-treatment-of-news-pertaining-to-the-number-of-sex-offenders-currently-found-driving-in-madison-wi-for-uber-and-lyft/     They shredded the evidence and told the story Uber wanted them to tell in order to make the facts […]