Editorial: ‘Japan Today’ author doesn’t know anything about Japan today.

A recent article in the English language online magazine ‘Japan Today’ reveals that neither the publication or the article’s author have an educated or respectable understanding of Japan itself.

Link: https://japantoday.com/category/national/airbnb-uber-woes-show-japan-does-not-share-easily

“This is partly due to confusion among the public about what the sharing economy is” -Quote Anne Beade, Japan Today

If you know the Japanese, you know they ARE NOT “confused” about this.


When a TOS specifies that your service doesn’t cover insurance for BODILY INJURY, THEFT or even BEING ASSAULTED BY YOUR DRIVER, you aren’t going to be finding many people interested in a population of people who average the highest IQ in the world.

The Japanese actually know how to read and understand that products and services require proper regulation and quality control.

Claiming that a population is ignorant or misguided simply because that population practices a careful consideration for community and safety is simply offensive and in itself, very ignorant.

To date, Uber, Lyft and AirBNB have cost the general public, their own service providers and their own customers, BILLIONS in uninsured damages, fraud, theft, assault, a general increase in unfair wage practices and a record increase in commercial transportation and rental property crimes.  This has lead to an inflation in the insurance market and a mounting economic fallout in countries where so-called ‘shared economy’ services operate with deadly levels of deregulation and an over all lack of oversight compared to their traditional rental and transportation counterparts.


The Japanese are being considerate of not only their community and culture but their very economic future.