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Ride Safe World’s Rideshare plate roundup, exposing convicted felons, uninsured drivers and sex offenders put on our streets by Uber and Lyft

  In 22 US states, it is now legal for rideshare companies to operate drivers with no actual insurance coverage, no valid background checks on drivers and no vehicle inspections. RIDESHARE COMPANIES ENDANGER THE GENERAL PUBLIC MORE THAN ANY OTHER FORM OF COMMERCIAL TRANSPORTATION TODAY. NOW, each and every month […]

The Truth about Ridesharing Larry Kaufmann Refuses to Tell You

I recently read Larry Kaufmann’s, The Politics of Ridesharing in the Isthmus. As a former cab driver in Madison, I take issue with many errors in his article. Using the Uber app for payments Firstly, Kaufmann claims that no money is changing hands between the passenger and driver using the Uber […]

Sign the petition to end rideshare fraud in Madison

THE SITUATION On March 6, 2014, Uber and Lyft began operations in Madison in violation of city ordinances. Since then, Uber and Lyft have continued to defraud the public and their own drivers throughout the city with fraudulent service term agreements, discrimination, selective service, surge pricing and invalid insurance coverage […]