Petition to London TFL, KEEP the Uber ban *Sign, Share and LIKE*

  Yesterday London’s TFL denied Uber their license renewal, returning safety to commercial transit in London once again. Uber of course has prepared and motivated millions of dollars in lobbying and bribe money in an attempt to repeal the TFL’s decision before this ban goes into effect. This is YOUR chance to send a message that money does not “trump” the will of the people or their right to safety on the streets. PLEASE sign, like and share this petition. Petition link: petition to stop Uber from being…

Uninsured Uber vehicles STILL operating in the UK

This latest Uninsured Uber comes to us from Brighton UK. On the 14th this vehicle was seized by police and towed after it had caused an uninsured wreck. The vehicle’s registration gives no indication of commercial use and of course no compensation from the driver’s own insurance OR Uber was made for the wreck since the driver had not properly informed their own insurance company OR the motor vehicle authority for their area that the vehicle was being used for commercial purposes.