The badger Herald (UW student news) features Ride Safe

Ride Safe would like to thank another brave news source for putting integrity before speculation in their reporting of the news.

The Badger Herald is one of the oldest BIG TEN college student news papers in the country and the most noted among all independent news sources in the state of Wisconsin.


Author Avery Aurand was present at the news conference where Ride Safe presented on the 24th of August at the Wisconsin state capital in support of new legislation that would more effectively resolve issues with uninsured and criminal drivers being allowed to operate for rideshare/TNC companies such as Uber and Lyft.

Avery’s article on Ride Safe does a responsible and integral job of presenting the facts.

At one point in the article Avery actually did what we have not yet seen a journalist expose when covering rideshare companies, ACTUALLY PRESENTING and reporting on the flaws in rideshare contracting with their customer agreements:

Under Section 6 of Uber’s U.S. terms of use under limitation of liability, Uber is not responsible for any of their driver’s damages including lost profits, lost data, personal injury or property damage resulting from the use of the services, regardless of the negligence of Uber.


Actually mentioning and exposing fraudulent and dangerous terms embedded in TNC contracting is unprecedented in Journalism covering rideshares and Ride Safe would like to thank Avery for her work in exposing this.


*Ride Safe is aware that the Badger Herald has Uber and Lyft ads in their ad stream on articles.  It should be noted that the Herald has published this article despite receiving ad money from Uber and Lyft and as yet they have not pulled ad funding from the herald despite the article being published on the Herald’s website.

As usual, both Uber and Lyft know the facts presented can not be contested and they would rather act as though the facts do not exist.*