Ride Safe, Bounce Milwaukee, WSGG and PETA collaborate to end Animal cruelty, Wizard World Bans Pocket Pets!

This year Ride Safe added a petition for an animal rights effort to our site in order to aid a worthy local cause in the Wisconsin area.

This petition was organized in order to plead with the Wizard World Comic Con events to end their business relationship hosting the company  known as ‘Pocket Pets’ at their conventions.
We did not expect much as this same petition, media requests and letters to the promoters for these events had gone unanswered for over four years.
This morning, to our surprise, Wizard World listened and acted after just a few initial emails and facebook notifications posted.  We only had THREE signatures on the freshly posted petition before we got the good news:

Wizard World Comic con bans Pocket Pets from ALL EVENTS!


Wizard world Comic Con has ended ALL hosting of Pocket Pets at ALL Wizard World events.

This morning we received word from Ryan Clancy, a local promoter with Wizard world, that Wizard World will not be hosting Pocket Pets at the Madison convention this month nor at ANY OTHER Wizard World event in the future.

Thanks to an amazing amount of effort and aid from Ryan Clancy, who is also the owner of Bounce Milwaukee.

Here is the official statement from Andrew Heyman, the director of programming for Wizard World.


Andrew Heyman
To: Ryan Clancy


I’m told that Pocket Pets will not be at Wizard World
Madison, nor will they be at any Wizard World show
going forward.


Andrew Heyman
Director of programming
Wizard World



Ride Safe was volunteering web space this month to present information from PETA concerning Pocket Pets and the petition on behalf of the Wisconsin sugar glider group (facebook) to urge the owners of Wizard World to end this relationship with pocket pets.

The Wisconsin sugar glider group is a facebook network of glider rescues and care takers.

For over FOUR YEARS PETA and the Wisconsin sugar glider group have urged Wizard World and other businesses to end hosting and cross promotion relationships with Pocket pets.

Pocket pets is an exotic pet milling operation that contributes to the torture and murder of thousands of gliders each year by not properly handling these animals as they vend and mill them.

Glider rescue groups through out the country often receive gliders that were sold by pocket pets that come in mistreated and incapable of living a healthy life in either a domestic or natural setting.


We value the safe and humane treatment of animals as much as safe transportation on our streets.


Which is why we can NOW endorse Wizard World for doing the right thing and ending their hosting of Pocket Pets at ALL current and future Wizard World events.


Wizard World comic con will be in Madison on September 22nd, 23rd and 24th at the Alliant Energy center.


REMEMBER if you are traveling to or from Wizard world and need a ride, be sure to ONLY use one of the local vetted and insured taxi companies.

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Because of massive loopholes in Wisconsin’s current rideshare regulations, these individuals are allowed to drive for Uber and lyft with impunity.

Uber and Lyft drivers have set national AND state records for uninsured wrecks and assaults on customers committed by the drivers.

Play it safe and take a local taxi.

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The information and research about Pocket Pets done by PETA was essential in motivating this change.

Peta Website with information about Pocket Pets:  

To all those who have volunteered time, sent emails and supported this effort for these past years, PETA would also like to send you their thanks: