Texas returns felon rideshare drivers to the streets of Austin.

In May of 2016 Austin city government had had enough of numerous convicted felons operating for Uber and Lyft on city streets, assaults on citizens by rideshare drivers and the uninsured wrecks caused by rideshare drivers.


A simple requirement was proposed by the city council for all Rideshare drivers operating in Austin to be approved through actual fingerprint background checks and to provide proof that appropriate insurance measures were taken to provide proper coverage for customers.

Despite Uber and Lyft spending millions to block the legislation, it was passed and became law.

Instantly, Uber and Lyft left the Austin market unable to comply with these simple rules for proper insurance coverage and background checks on their drivers.   


Of course, as with every other state Uber and Lyft operate in, when they failed to win over city governments, they sought sweeping state legislation which would eliminate municipal rights and make their business models legal state wide.


THIS MAY The bill was passed by the Republican Legislative majority in Texas allowing Uber and Lyft to operate without proper insurance or background checks on drivers STATE WIDE.

All municipal requirements for proper insurance and background checks like that of Austin were now nullified by the new state bill.

Instantly, Uber and Lyft returned to Austin.


Last week, Ride Safe received our very first licence plate report from the Austin area.

Keep in mind, this is our VERY FIRST plate reported in that area.

The vehicle in question is CURRENTLY being operated for both Uber AND Lyft in the Austin area.

The plate number now appears on our public plate look up as the vehicle owner has an extensive and dangerous felon record including THREE DUI convictions.

The vehicle itself also has impact damage to it’s front end and tires which are passed the safe level of wear for a vetted commercial vehicle.

Ride Safe has reported the vehicle to Uber and Lyft.

We have received no reply as to any action having been taken by Uber or Lyft.

This vehcile also has no proper insurance for commercial use.

The plate number for this vehicle is: HHN7431

It is a Tan 2008 NISSAN ALTIMA.

If you use Uber or Lyft in the Austin area Ride Safe advises that you DO NOT accept a ride from this vehicle and cancel your request.

Neither Uber or Lyft can legally charge you for rides offered by drivers who do not meet safety claims made by either company or basic commercial vetting requirements for commercial transportation.

Neither Uber or Lyft can legally charge you for cancelling a ride with drivers who do not meet safety claims made by either company.

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