Uber & Lyft – Facts about rideshare fraud

Uber & Lyft service term agreements containing insurance loopholes and liability waivers.

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Uber’s fraudulent insurance coverage policy:

Uber uses what is called a ‘supplement line’ policy.

These are basically insurance coverage policies that cover only what the service provider’s (Uber’s) contracting says it will cover.  If the contracting happens to invalidate all coverage as section 5 of Uber’s own TOS does, then the policy never really has to be used for anything that may burden the service provider’s overhead.

ubers insurance policy.

But of course Uber can always claim they “have” a one million dollar coverage policy.  The fact that it is more often invalidated by the same contract anyone driving for or riding in an Uber signs is simply an oversight that Uber maintains they should not be liable for.



Uber driver on Reddit explaining in detail how Uber and Uber’s drivers manipulate surge pricing:

Screenshot from 2015-02-10 11_08_14 Screenshot from 2015-02-10 11_10_09 Screenshot from 2015-02-10 11_10_49 Screenshot from 2015-02-10 11_11_25

Uber screen captures from October 2014 to January 2015 showing selective service and surge pricing.

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Lyft screen captures from september 2014 showing selective service:

lftlayout_2 lftlayout_1 lftlayout_3

Koch Ind’s Lobbying front AFP supporting Uber in Madison:

Screenshot from 2015-02-04 13_37_50

Message from Uber management discriminating against Uber riders just for being cab drivers.


Uber Lobbyist Carla Jacobs lying at Madison, WI Transportation and Parking Commission meeting:

Carla Jacobs Linkedin page:

Screen Capture taken Feb-13-2015
Screen Capture taken Feb-13-2015 Lewis-Burke LLC is a Washington DC lobbying firm. A ‘Public Policy Associate’ does everything a lobbyist does and is paid for it. Calling a lobbyist by a different name doesn’t change the fact that it is still lobbying. Jocobs has failed to properly register as a paid Lobbyist in Madison. The fine for lobbying fraud is up to $5000 for the offender and $1000 for the company or interest they represent.

Uber’s Madison ‘Operations manager’ Drew Lake tries to defraud Madison, WI courts:

Screen Capture October 9th 2014 *Click to link*

 And loses.

The individual Lake tried to file the restraining order against was wearing a recording device during the exchange in which Lake falsely testified that the individual threatened him.  Lake neglected to even show up in court for the hearing.

Uber driver admits he is committing insurance fraud:



List of Unregistered, uncertified and UNINSURED Uber and Lyft drivers currently operating in Madison, WI.

These drivers have not registered their vehicles as commercial transportation with the DOT or made proper notifications to their own insurance providers to validate any coverage from their own providers or Uber.  Some are either out of state or outside the city of Madison.  Some also carry registrations for vehicles that DO NOT match the plate on the vehicle.

Without proper notification to the DOT or the driver’s own insurance provider the driver HAS NO VALID INSURANCE to cover themselves or any passenger while driving for Uber.

This list represents the current registration status on each vehicle as of 2-23-2015  Most have been operating in Madison as long as four months or longer as Uber and Lyft vehicles.

 Sedan plate number 811-VHJ  Being driven for UBER.

This driver illegally stopped and blocked traffic in a no-stop lane right after a light and sat in the active lane for nearly two minuets to pick up a passenger from a building that has a pickup parking lane right around the next corner.

Lyft Toyota Corolla 2005 113-HXE
Uber Toyota Matrix 2003 739-GEG
Uber Saab 9 – 3 2004 643-UAY
Lyft Honda Accord 2002 457-VGD Registration is not valid.This Lyft driver was photographed operating illegally by a witness on Lake Street on April 22nd 2014.10151973_10152963666060639_4195987747112005999_n10277414_10152963665220639_6656931415709975154_n
Lyft Chevrolet Aveo 2007 592-NES Registered to black 2005 Pontiac
Uber Nissan 2010 487-SZB
Lyft Toyota Rav4 2014 119-MKX
Lyft Chevrolet HHR 2007 974-HZE
Lyft/Uber Hyundai Sonata 2011 432-VTN
Lyft Mitsubishi Galant 2006 G0T T0YZ
Uber Saturn Vue 2006 496-HBU
Uber Subaru Outback 2011 595-PGA
Uber VW Golf 2012 806-MCU
Uber Scion xD 2011 282-KRP
Uber Toyota Rav4 2014 520-WML
Uber VW Jetta/Passatt ADZ6403 Washington State
Lyft Mazda Mazda3 2011 946-TAF
Lyft/Uber Toyota Prius 2010 721-VDV  Uber & Lyft Driver Kenneth Dewey, attempted to file false harassment complaint against a Madison cab driver after the cab driver took a ride with Dewey on the Lyft service before Dewey purchased the Prius to drive for both Lyft and Uber. During the ride Dewey informed the cab driver that he did not have proper insurance coverage.  The cab driver complained to Lyft and refused the charges for the ride.  On the same evening the cab driver and two others witnessed Dewey  speeding by the front door of the cab driver’s home.   Six months later Dewey was again illegally parked in a private lot near the cab drivers home, this time in the black prius AFTER the cab driver had moved.  When the cab driver complained to the driver, not knowing it was the same driver now in a different vehicle, Dewey sped away and then attempted to file a stalking complaint against the cab driver with MPD.  The complaint was later thrown out.  Three months after trying to file the complaint against the cab driver, Dewey stalked him to a political rally and sat next to the cab driver at the rally for the entire event attempting twice to converse with the cab driver.  Before driving the black prius, Dewey was driving a green Honda SUV (plate number VDM-332) for Lyft which was photographed by other witnesses unloading passengers TWICE while illegally parked and without even putting hazard lights on.

Illegally parked in the middle of the street Blocking traffic and unloading passengers into an open street without hazards on at night.
Illegally Parked at an intersection blocking traffic while unloading without hazards on.


Dewey STILL drives for Uber despite complaints about the stalking and endangering his own passengers and other motorists.

Uber Chevrolet Sonic 2013 723-WBT
Uber Honda Civic 2006 219-VWS
Uber Toyota Avalon 2006 G1FT 4 U
Uber Toyota Yaris 2008 927-VLA
Uber Toyota Corolla 2006 704-VHW
Uber Toyota Highlander 2008 798-RPU
Uber Honda CR-V 474-VTH Registered to white 2007 Toyota
Uber Chevrolet Traverse R77 2672 Illinois
Lyft VW Jetta 2009 962-UHT
Uber Toyota Camry 2010 788-SGB
Uber Toyota Corolla 2007 883-PRH
Uber GMC Yukon 2007 403-ECW
Uber Lincoln Town Car 2004 420-WKY
Uber Ford Escape 2009 608-VVP
Uber Nissan Versa 2013 433-WCJ
Uber Toyota Rav4 2009 634-UKD
Uber Toyota Highlander 2008 877-MDT
Uber Saturn Vue 2006 496-HBU
Uber Toyota Sienna 2004 278-URK
Uber Toyota Corolla 2011 144-SEV
Uber Toyota Camry 2013 218-SUY
Uber Toyota Corolla 335-WWS Registered to green 2002 GMC
Uber Toyota Camry 2009 555-VHG
Uber Mazda Mazda5 2008 868-UTK
Uber BMW 3-series 2006 394-SRP
Uber Nissan Altima 2005 912-PKP

Illegally parked in UW student facility parking lot for over an hour.
Uber Toyota Camry 2009 537-RGG
Uber Toyota Camry 2012 716-RGN
Uber/Lyft Toyota Rav4 2014 520-WML
Uber Honda CR-V 2007 626-UNN
Uber Ford Focus 2012 990-WZB
Uber Toyota Matrix 2009 968-SGR
Uber Chevrolet Aveo 2009 422-TUT
Uber Toyota Prius 2012 425-WLB
Uber VW Routan 2010 733-TSY
Uber Toyota Prius 2010 483-PPU


Uber Volvo XC70 2004 318-ACV
Uber Cadillac Escalade 2007 JH4012 WI Truck plate
Uber Hyundai Elantra 2013 292-TLA
Uber Toyota Camry 2008 850-XCD
Uber Toyota Camry 2014 781-WWH
Uber Toyota Rav4 2004 554-RTU
Uber Toyota Prius 2011 626-CRT
Uber Honda CR-V 2010 34212U WI UW-Madison plate, registered to black 2010 Mazda
Uber Buick Lucerne 576-KBW Registered to grey 2006 Volvo
Uber Nissan Rogue V94 3934 Illinois plate
Uber Kia Sportage 2008 355-NES
Uber Chrysler Pacifica 929-SWN Registered to white 1996 Dodge
Uber Pontiac Vibe 2006 752-TVJ
Uber Mitsubishi Raider 2007 JH1743 WI Truck plate
Uber Toyota Camry 2014 714-WML
Uber Honda Civic 2012 811-WZH
Uber Infiniti G35 VVY995 Indiana plate
Uber Chrysler 300 2006 970-NUY
Uber Chevrolet Traverse 2009 680-TZN
Uber Nissan Cube 2011 609-WUU
Uber BMW 3-series 2013 491-VUW
Uber VW Tiguan 2013 451-TXB
Uber Toyota Corolla 2003 257-THK
Uber GMC Yukon 2015 632-WMK
Uber Hyundai 790-XLH “No current or prior registrations”
Uber Nissan Altima 2011 642-VTA
Uber Chrysler Town & Country 2014 495-VRS
Uber Mercury Sedan 2004 414-XBC

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